Missing Links on Kelly Kelly Pix, JR Blogs, Trish in a Hottub & More


A dozen humpday links…

– Matt Hardy’s latest WWE.com blog entry is here.

– Hardy’s latest MySpace blog is here.

– Jim Ross’ latest blog is here.

– New commentaries from The Miz and JR were posted here.

– The World’s Greatest Tag Team talks about the ladder match here.

– Murdoch unhappy with draft; Finlay loves it; find out more here.

– For a story on John Cena on Punk’d click here.

– For video of Trish in a hottub click here.

– Is Elijah Burke losing control? Click here.

– What’s Matt Striker’s latest Word of the Week? Click here.

– Joey Styles named Gregory Helms last week’s MEP here.

– New Kelly Kelly pix were posted here.

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