Missing Links on The Truth vs. Cena, Benoit vs. MVP & More


Former two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ron “The Truth” Killings has responded to Internet reports that he had a confrontation with John Cena recently at an airport. You can read the response below, which was originally posted on his MySpace blog:

Ron Killings and John Cena Airport Confertation

John Cena did’nt approach me “Ron Killings” about sh$%# at the airport,,infact,,this is second run in that we’ve had..First one was kind of a calling his bluff type thang….even tryin to comunicate with him to see what’s up with what i’ve been hearing,,also all the interviews he did supposely calling me out..Big Mistake,,Then he leaves voice messages on my cell talking about battleing me and about thrashing my ass,,not to mention people he’s done interviews with tell me John Cena wanted us to call you so he could battle you…..Man Please!! He did what he should’ve done,,and that’s nothing!!I wish he would try to play that battle rap sh$%# with me,,I’ll just eat his ass alive,and spit and sh#$% out the pieces i dont like,,Just like I told him,, He’s a Punk ass,,rap wanna be ME!

– There’s an interview with Chris Benoit at SLAM! Wrestling where he talks about the recent injuries in WWE, his career goals and Montel Vontavious Porter.

– TNA’s got some new house shows coming up, including a big one this weekend in Puerto Rico.

– Speaking of Puerto Rico, Carlito talks about fights in an MTV Movie Awards article here.

– An early preview of next week’s iMPACT! has been posted over at TNAWrestling.com, teasing “two former champions” going head-to-head in a King of the Mountain qualifier.

– Former WWE creative team member Dan Madigan has a new book out called Mondo Lucha A Go-Go. For a review on SLAM! Wrestling, click here.

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