Jim Ross: I have no desire to leave RAW

On his blog, Jim Ross talks about the opening of his Norman, OK, restaurant (June 27), Tully Blanchard’s short tenure with WWE recently and more. On the draft, he says:

The WWE Draft on June 11 in Wilkes Barre, which is already sold out, and should be an interesting night, as apparently several superstars will be getting new addresses. These are interesting times, as far as I am concerned, because new wrestlers create new matchups with the incumbents, which freshens up the product. I have no preferences as to who comes to RAW and I assume The King and I will stay on RAW, or at least I sure hope so. I have no desire to leave Monday Night RAW, and neither does the King. I don’t think any of the announce teams should be included in the draft. A change of scenery can be a good thing, especially for wrestlers who need new opposition. The draft, as far as fans are concerned will no doubt be a source of plenty of debate and discussion as the draft itself, is a subjective matter to say the least. The “wrestling media” will have a field day with this matter and I can almost guarantee you that the draft will be over-analyzed and pre-judged even before it has a chance to settle in, because that’s what the “wrestling media” does. Controversy creates (cash and) website traffic which is not a bad thing. Get ready for this subject to be beaten to death over the next several weeks. I do not know who is being drafted to where and will be as surprised as anybody as it happens on live TV.

Ross goes on to discuss several other issues, including a certain chant he hates, his thoughts on MMA, and a fun little rant aimed at one of his readers re: backstage gossip.

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