RVD Update

From Rob Van Dam’s MySpace blog:

For years I have been telling people that there is an alligator in the Los Angeles Harbor. They caught him and gave him a stupid name. After 2 years of different hunters bragging about how they were going to be the ones who caught him, and supposedly booking Steve Irwin before he passed, they finally caught Reggie the Alligator and arrested him. You can see him at L A Zoo soon.

About the internet rumors- one thing I have to know. How can “reporters” put their name on reports that continually end up being bull shit and maintain any credibility? Always wondered that. As for how it feels reading about yourself? Sometimes it’s flattering, sometimes it’s offensive, sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s just silly but too lame to be funny.

I can save everyone a lot of time by letting everyone know that I won’t be doing wrestling related interviews at this time, other than WWE-appointed. You might catch some of my media press on Friday I’ll be doing in Jacksonville to promote Sunday’s One Night Stand. I’ll probably say something cool.

Have a great weekend everybody and remember, it’s going to be a great f*cking summer!

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