Kace’s Countdown – WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event (6/2/2007)

Kace’s Countdown – WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event (6/2/2007)

For those wondering what happened to WWE SmackDown, the answer is simple. Reality intervention. I realized on Friday that I wouldn’t be able to record the show on the DVR thing, ’cause there’s no CW on the DirecTV here where I live. The only way I can watch the show is when it airs on cable and that night I was busy performing in an auditorium with the New Bladen Lakes Players (lots of fun, by the way). So with that out of the way, I should be able to get the next SmackDown and if I think about it, the next TNA Impact as well. And I’ll definetly be getting to WWE Raw this go ’round.


Pulse Glazer goes through the Top 25 Matches Of 2007 (So Far). This is Part 1.

This is Part 2. Now read it, enjoy it and buy an ROH DVD afterwards or else the baby John Lennon cries.

The Kace Evers Podcast is available for your consumption. All 3 hours worth!

Gregory Wind tries his hand at the Hot Seat. Whenever it’s my turn, I’m pretty sure I’ll get a 0 for 5.

Steve Murray focuses on the Positives. There is a fundamental difference between Steve and I, however. While he focuses on the Positives, I just focus on the things I tend to consider most notable, which considering my mindset can be anything positive or negative. Vince McMahon screwing up the name of one of his Pay Per Views isn’t something I’d consider positive, but noteworthy for sure. Plus, it’s a way for me to keep my old schtick alive of, “that guy with the lists,” which is a nickname I earned at a message board years ago and earned among L Word fans with my Top 50 Moments of whatever Season lists (Top 50 of Season 4 will hopefully wind up here at Inside Pulse as well as the usual L-sites I hit up).

WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event Top 5 Moments

Also Ran Moments & Notes

While we get a commentator representative from Raw and SmackDown, ECW is once again ignored. I would have preferred Joey Styles, Jim Ross and John Bradshaw Layfield as the team instead of Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. But that’s just me.

Speaking of Cole, how could he forget the mammoth feud between Jerry Lawler and Doink? They even had their feud make it to that God awful Survivor Series match with the midgets.

I liked the rotating Divas as announcers thing. Plus, anytime Michelle McCool’s on my screen is appreciated.

#5 – Chickenfight!

Who knew midgets and startled female dancers could provide for something of entertainment value? As Hornswoggle continues running away from Mini Boogeyman, they find themselves in the ring in the midst of an Extreme Expose performance. Kelly Kelly wisely backs away while the midgets position themselves between each of the other two performers, leading to them having an idea in stereo and lifting up said dancers on their shoulders. Brooke and Layla El aren’t sure what to do until they’re face to face and decide instead to just chickenfight for the fun of it. It doesn’t last long as everyone falls down, leaving Kelly befuddled. This is something I’m sure to remember, regardless of whether it was good or bad. And this was kinda bad. The good stuff happened just before this and we’ll get to that later.

#4 – “You Screwed Bret!”

It’s been almost 10 years, guys. At this point, it’s just silly. Canada lost Bret Hart, who went on to sign a sweet deal elsewhere, providing for plenty of retirement money, then return for an evening to be enshrined into the WWE Hall Of Fame. We here in the States on the other hand (especially those of us in the South) lost an entire wrestling promotion that’s been discarded into a wasteland somewhere in a Stamford, CT building’s archive room. Then again, “You Screwed WCW!” just doesn’t have a real flow to it. If we can get over that which was born from Jim Crockett Promotions, you can get over someone who wasn’t really screwed to begin with.

#3 – Dave Batista’s Magic Right Leg

I fear for the sanity of pro wrestling fans. While I’m not exactly one to shun people from booing John Cena, but why turn around and cheer someone who’s practically looked his nose down at the show he’s on, act tough with a, “shit doesn’t stink,” attitude, lose a legit fight with Booker T, vacated a World Title instead of losing it (if you can walk to the ring, you can lie down in it for a few seconds, too) and as evidenced by last night, can’t even do a longterm sell on an injured part of his body? It was to the point where Cole and Lawler had to cover for him, with, “Maybe it’s almost healed.” Perhaps I’m being a bit nitpicky here, but considering the subject, I can’t help but point it out. And to think, we get to see him in yet ANOTHER World Heavyweight Title match on Pay Per View. If not for Chris Benoit and Edge’s cowardly heel mastery, the Batista & Benoit Vs Porter & Edge match would have been a total abortion.

#2 – Khali Pins Cena

While Ken Kennedy can boast beating multiple former World Champions, The Great Khali can boast about having defeated two World Champions who were still Champ at the time. Last year, he destroyed Rey Mysterio and last night, it was John Cena falling before his Greatness. What would be better is if this could repeat at WWE One Night Stand.

#1 – Finley Presses The Toggle Button While On Special

Hornswoggle is on the run from Mini Boogeyman. They run through a conversation taking place between Cryme Tyme and Dusty Rhodes. They run by Ron Simmons, who’s just minding his own business. They run up the stairs where Boogeyman waits. Hornswoggle freaks out and slides down a nearby pole, still on the run. Boogeyman gives chase, until Finley arrives to the rescue! Clocking Boogeyman to the floor, Finley stands triumphant over his fallen rival and then proceeds to mock Boogeyman with his own version of the Boogeyman taunt. This has to be one of THE Feel Good Moments of 2007.

Enjoy WWE One Last…er…Night Stand! I’ll see you again for WWE Raw.

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