Big Changes Coming For Spy Hunter

Credit: Variety

Universal has been had the film adaptation of the long-time video game Spy Hunter in the works for quite some time. Perhaps now it has a better chance of actually being filmed as some changes have been made.

Since 2004, action director John Woo has been attached to helm the film, but nothing more has come of it. Now the director’s chair is being occupied by Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil) who will also co-write the script with at least one other writer.

The story will take the never before seen agent known as the Spy Hunter who works for a secret branch of the government and follow along on his missions in the shape-changing Interceptor. The Interceptor which has numerous gadgets and weapons can also change from a car into a motorcycle, jet-ski, and submarine. The Spy Hunter will track down evil agents in order to try and take down the terrorist organization known as Nostra.

The game has been around since the eighties and garnered various new-console games over the past years. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was originally slated to take the starring role in the film, but whether he will still be slotted as the star or be recast has yet to be determined.