Missing Links: MySpace (and Summerslam Spoiler?) Edition


Steve-O from Jackass seems to have revealed a Summerslam plan on his MySpace:

I did a great job shooting my new WWE commercial to promote the WWE Pay Per View Summer Slam, but then everyone got all sorts of uptight as a result of me running around trying to get famous wrestlers to choke me unconcious for my Paparazzi Stuntman dvd (plenty of them were ready to do it, including Umaga, but the suits derailed me). I got a funny call from LA saying, “why are we getting calls that the main event of their WWE Summer Slam may be called off because of you’re behaving so badly?”(The whole cast of jackass, minus Weeman, will be in a huge match for the main event). Not bothering with bathrooms had something to do with it to.

The full blog entry is here.

More MySpace links!

– Jillian Hall posted on her MySpace blog about her recent feud, the draft and more.

– Ron Killings posted a freestyle about WWE Champ John Cena:

Im’ma say it one time,,no need to be repeated,,got a hunger sensation,,here’s the beef ,come and eat it,,,,Dont hit me with that super star shi#@ it’ aint right,,you was’nt ment to be a rapper,,you’re the Proto Type,,,,tell me,,how many times you had to slang on the block,,,how many licks have you trapped,,how many gats you shot,,,It’s all make believe,,fictional extreme,,,you cant count shooting gats in the movie marine,,,foney balogna,,and im’ma have you for lunch,,John Cena and his fans are Marky Mark and the funky bunch,,,.To derate the throne,the microphone i dont drop it,,,The Lights Are Out,I will use as my topic,,I set a goal,,you best believe that i’ll persue it ,,give me a maze and i’ll go right through it ,,I shut’em down,,and thats the way it’s suppose to be,,you treat me like a film and you try to expose me………

– Gregory Helms wrote about Citizen Storm.

– Matt Hardy kept a timeline of the days leading up to One Night Stand.

– Scotty 2 Hotty will be wrestling in Puerto Rico, Rochester and Delaware (and details are here).

– Chrisy Hemme’s latest column is cross-posted on her MySpace blog. In it she talks about Vegas, baby… Vegas.

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