The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: Extra Frills Edition – DVD Review

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MGM presents The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert: Extra Frills Edition. Written by Stephan Elliott. 103 minutes. Rated R for sex-related situations and language. Originally Released in 1994

Directed By:

Stephan Elliott


Terence Stamp. Bernadette Bassenger/ Ralph
Hugo Weaving. Mitzi Del Bra/ Anthony ‘Tick’ Belrose
Guy Pearce. Felicia Jollygoodfellow/ Adam Whitely
Bill Hunter .Bob

The Film:

In the early 90’s this small independent film came sneaking out of the Australian Outback and Drag and Abba was never the same again! What really makes this film work is the unlikely casting of three “macho” actors playing two drag queens and a transsexual. We have Terence “General Zod” Stamp, Hugo “Agent Smith” Weaving, and Guy “Memento” Pearce who all play against type and make a very entertaining film.

When Tick (Weaving), Felicia (Pearce), and Bernadette (Stamp) get a job in Alice Springs the three get in a bus they dub Priscilla and drive across the Australian Outback to get there. This is a classic road movie leading our characters from situation to situation varying from wacky to touching and beyond. And as with all good road movies our characters learn a little something about themselves along the way.

On top of being a road movie, Priscilla is a musical of sorts. It’s not full of Top 40 radio songs and the characters do just break out into song, but these are performing drag queens who really love to perform so they lip sync as much as they can. The film is very colorful and flamboyant but that’s not to say its audience should be limited. This is a well-made film with strong entertaining characters and anyone who enjoys film should have no problem enjoying this.

All three men are amazing in this film, and while Pearce steals the show with his overly flamboyant Felicia, the really impressive performance here is Terence Stamp. As Bernadette he is the older and wiser of the three and shows it. He doesn’t get all dolled up like the other two when wandering around town and has a certain distinguished air about him. When he meets Bob (Hunter) the relationship that builds between them is very believable.

Speaking of relationships the best in the film is one that doesn’t come until the end of the film. It turns out that Mitzi has a wife and she is the owner of the hotel that they are going to work at. What his wife hasn’t told him is well, we can’t give everything away. You’ll just have to go see the film for yourself.

The wonderful contrast of drag and outback.

The DVD:

The Video:

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1. As if the film itself isn’t enjoyable enough, but it’s a beautiful film as well. The wonderful contrast between the lavish costumes and the barren outback are a site to see and look great on this DVD.

The Audio:

The film is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1. The sound is very good too. All the musical numbers come across great! Feel free to sing-a-long if you like.


Audio Commentary by Director Stephan Elliott: This is a pretty good commentary if you’re a fan of the film. Stephan Elliott recaps everything spelled out in the making of featurette as well as giving more details and fun stories about the process. He also points out mistakes in the film, which is fun.

Birth Of A Queen featurette: This is a great making-of that goes into every detail you can imagine.

Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes: Nothing too interesting going on here. One of these scenes is a longer version of one in the film and it makes a little more sense when you see the whole thing, so that’s nice.

Tidbits From The Set: Little interviews with cast and crew giving some more insight into the film. The best part is Terence Stamp in character talking about Terence Stamp as if he were another person. Good times.

The Bus From Blooperville Outtakes: A very boring outtake reel.

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The Inside Pulse
Priscilla is a fun road movie/musical that is an enjoyable ride. Seeing these three “macho” actors out of their element is a sight to see and the special features aren’t half bad either. All-in-all a top notch DVD release.