Make Movement: Cena Is Hogan

RAW was a great follow up to the pretty-good One Night Stand PPV, since Saturday Night Main Event was not only forgettable but mostly not referenced. John Cena came off strong in his promo for those who believe in his bank ability and in his ring work though I have to see him lose that belt. He’s lucked out so many times in the last two years being completely outmatched, that his time is up for me. He can lose it to almost anyone right now, and I’d be okay with it. When RAW ended, I called Cena, “Hogan.” He got the Hulk Hogan pop, the Hulk Hogan reaction, and he constantly makes fans believe that he can always beat the odds. It is amazing he has so much strength for the F U, but since that move is a glorified fireman’s carry anyway, you make the call. The magic of the main event was the two giants constantly facing off, with the fans not really taking clear sides based on any outward reaction. I don’t know if that’s too be expected or troubling, but I was hoping for a clear rally behind one of them so Umaga could take a face turn. I would like to Cena be drafted to Smackdown just to get a break from him. The draft should really improve the product all together, and hopefully fans will remember to tune in a hour before for the extra long show.

The other big storyline from a wrestling standpoint was the Hardys loss and Cade/Murdoch heel turn. This was well timed of executing the heel turn and title change, without taking anything away from the excellent ladder match from the previous night with The World’s Greatest Tag Team and the Hardys. The draft may really shake things up for the tag team division and bring in some fresh faces for the positive reactions the fans have given the action lately.

Finally, the theme for RAW throughout the night was Crazy McMahon and making faces defend their belts all night since he lost his to Lashley. Will McMahon cross over on ECW TV and continue to go nuts? Probably. I’m clueless to where this is headed but he definitely plays the part well. Is he going to listen to his son, Shane, who manages to be a logical heel character? The only thing that came to mind is maybe Vince is taking some time off TV soon and this is the way to write him off.

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