Kace’s Countdown – WWE Raw (6/4/2007)

Kace’s Countdown – WWE Raw (6/4/2007)

My first Raw edition of the Countdown and the big question going into watching it would be if I would increase the number of moments up to 10 since this is a 2 hour-plus show. Upon watching the show, I decided that 5 would be just fine. I’ll go with a Top 10 for Pay Per Views. It’s the night after WWE One Night Stand (where Yours Truly went 6-2 in the Roundtable…go me!) and now it’s time for the fallout that inevitably comes with these Night After Pay Per View episodes. But first…


Derek Kelley has arrived with a review of one of the Greatest Video Games Ever, WWF No Mercy. In my Efed Madness days, that game was used as a basis for some leagues that I ran or took part in. I had a whole assortment of memory cards to keep up with all the characters. Oh, those were the days of the Bad Kace, the Jabroni, DarkGhoul, the Ringmaster, MoFo, AJ The Bomb, Firewing, Inkaddict…great times, for the most part.

Speaking of efeds…Guess who’s back? Back again? Guess who’s back? Tell a friend!

Andy Wheeler gives his thoughts on WWE One Last…er…Night Stand and puts over a movie I’m not all that interested in seeing. But hey, if ya like something, ya like something. I had a similar feeling after watching the Grindhouse Double Feature earlier this year. But then Grindhouse had a couple of ladies from the Rent movie going righteous and I couldn’t help but picture Kurt Russell’s character as Benny. “We’re not gonna pay,” indeed.

David Brashear lets us know what’s up in Mexico right now with the Lucha scene.

James Hatton rabblelizes as only he can.

Tom Pandich does his final WWE Raw Recap.

WWE Heat hath been spoiled!

Top 5 Moments From WWE Raw – 6/2/2007

Also Ran Moments & Thoughts

Vince McMahon was pretty much, the Character of the Show. From his interruption of John Cena at the start of the show, to his slapping of Santino Marella backstage, to making Matt & Jeff Hardy defend their World Tag Team Championship just one night after their grueling Ladder Match against Hass & Benjamin, to the interaction with Ric Flair and Torrie Wilson…Vince was on a verbal and vindictive rampage on Raw. However, for the first time as a TV viewer since Early 2006, I’m starting to get an uneasy feeling about Vince’s disturbed state of mind. The last time I had an uneasy feeling begin to develop while watching something on TV, it involved a character named Dana Fairbanks…and don’t even get me started on how that ended up…

Carlito’s finisher has changed from being called the Backcracker to the Backstabber. Back when it didn’t really have a name, I referred to it as the Pop-A-Top. Don’t know why, it just seemed to fit. Carlito Colon’s really getting back into his heel schtick nicely.

Dream Match! Mark Henry, D-Lo Brown & Ivory circa Attitude Era Vs Cryme Tyme & Candice Michelle!

By the way, was it just the DirecTV I was watching or was it WWE or the USA Network or just me? Either way, for about the first half of the show, the screen had some weird pixiliation thing going on, especially with the intro. I felt like I was watching the 56k version of Raw. Probably just me…

#5 – Santino Marella Defeats Chris Masters…Again

The WWE Intercontinental Championship makes for a strange prop at times and sometimes, it’s just useless. This storyline involving Marella and Masters varies somewhere in the grey area between the two. Masters gets another shot at the Intercontinental Title against Marella and once again, Marella wins after catching Masters off guard. Maybe this is leading to something meaningful, but I kinda have my doubts at the moment.

#4 – A Rivalry Is (Perhaps) Born!

I’m probably the only person who’s looked forward to the idea of Umaga and the Great Khali either becoming a team or rivals, so when the two started fighting each other during their Triple Threat match against each other and John Cena, I was alone in my cheers, no doubt. Sure, Khali Vs Umaga might not get one of those, “OMG GRATEST MATCH EVARR,” responses, but at least I’ll enjoy it. And that’s good enough for me.

#3 – Randy Orton Defeats Ric Flair

It’s great to know that at the age of 137, Ric Flair can still do everything in his power to make a match good and put his opponent over in some way meaningful. From his show of silent concern of having to face the menacing Orton when the match is made by Mr. McMahon to the match itself, Ric did what he could to make it obvious to the fans that Randy is dangerous right now. All Orton had to do was follow instructions and make his contributions.

#2 – John Cena FU’s the Great Khali

I didn’t watch the Pay Per View the night before, so this was my introduction to Cena finally doing what had been teased before and that’s him being able to hit his Elevated DVD on Khali in the ring. The Triple Threat match also showed Cena’s ablility to let the two monster opponents destroy each other enough for him to take advantage at the end. It was almost Helmsley-like. Being able to hit the Fordham University on Khali looked nice. Kind of a shame, though. I was looking forward to either Khali or Umaga finally getting the WWE Heavyweight Title.

#1 – Poor Sportsmanship = Beatdown

The moment of the show and something that struck as a bit bizarre at the same time occured at the end of the match for the World Tag Team Championship between the Hardy Brothers and the Redneck Wrecking Crew. After losing a pair of Title matches against Matt and Jeff, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch won newfound respect for, “Team Xtreme.” They complimented the duo while on commentary and helped them fend off an attack by a pair of other tag teams. A week before, a seed of doubt had been planted when Trevor had a not-so-pleasant reaction to the Hardys granting Haas & Benjamin a title shot at WWE One Night Stand. The night after One Night Stand on Raw, Cade & Murdoch asked for another shot and for the sake of good sportsmanship wanted the Champions to be completely healed up. Thanks to Mr. McMahon’s interevention however, the match was made for that night on Raw. All of that leads to this match. The match itself is nice enough, but the ending is what provides for our Top Moment. Cade is able to make the cover on Jeff for the pinfall. The Ref is unable to see Jeff place his foot on the bottom rope, enabling Murdoch, possibly out of spite for the Hardys allowing a team that had already attacked them get a shot at the World Tag Titles at a Pay Per View event, decided to enact revenge by pushing Jeff’s foot off the rope before the Ref could notice. The result is a pinfall victory and new Champions in the RWC. What results is controversy, but still an opportunity for the Hardy Brothers to return some of the same good sportsmanship and ask for a rematch at a later time (while pointing out the controversy using video after the fact). Instead, in Cade & Murdoch’s moment of glory, Matt and Jeff questioned the tactics of the winning team and a result, the goodwill was cut off with a stereo belt shot to the brothers. What made all of this bizarre was Jerry Lawler’s commentary while all of this was unfolding With an opportunity to put the heel team over and to refer to the face team as crybabies and poor sports, Lawler…defended Matt and Jeff. Somewhere, Jesse Ventura or Bobby Heenan had to be banging their head against a wall.

I shall see yall tomorrow for WWE ECW On Sci Fi as we’re now less than a week to the Draft. I’ll also see ya tonight for the Kace Evers Experience, LIVE on BCNI-FM and Second Life’s Nefetiti Island! It’s 3 hours of music and fun, beginning at 6 PM Eastern.

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