Jim Ross on the Draft, Video Game, Trish & More

In his latest blog post, WWE RAW announcer Jim Ross talks about how WWE.com carries several of his BBQ products, says that the 2008 THQ WWE video game “is more complex than I have ever experienced since I started doing video game voice-overs” and more. Here’s what he says about the draft:

Regarding the upcoming WWE draft, I have to believe that the wrestlers will find out where they are going when their name is called. That’s how I would handle it. Talent should be drafted where they can most help the company. Not that this is an issue, but I would also not factor in wrestlers who may be socially connected with another superstar on the same roster when making these draft picks either. This is a job where significant money can be earned, and is not a dating or a matchmaking service. That may sound harsh and old school, but that’s my honest opinion.

Also, in his June 3 post, Ross talks about why RAW is the “A” show:

Why is Raw the “A” show? Personally, it is the #1 show in my mind because that’s the show I work on and I take great pride in being a part of the Raw process. That’s my ego and my pride of being on the brand speaking. Secondly, is it the longest running of all the WWE produced TV shows, and it regularly is the #1 rated weekly cable TV series on all of cable television. Honestly, it is a very subjective matter, and a good case can be made for Smackdown being the number one show because they are on “broadcast” TV, but you asked my opinion and I gave it to you. I watch all our shows, so I might not be the guy to ask, and week to week the shows vary as to who has the best matches.

He goes on to say that “no one in the WWE hates Scotland, I absolutely assure you,” “I don’t expect to ever see Trish wrestle again” and “one would assume ECW will get a shot in the arm following the WWE Draft on June 11th.” As always, JR’s blog is a great read.

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