My Bloody Valentine Going Under The Remake Knife

Credit: Bloody-Disgusting

It’s time for another horror remake to start production since the last fifty are nearing completion. This time it’s a fun slasher from 1981.

Lionsgate is currently developing a remake of My Bloody Valentine which was from director George Mihalka. The project is currently out and the studio is looking for someone to write the script.

The original told the story of an old folk tale being passed around between a bunch of locals. Twenty years earlier on Valentine’s Day, an explosion in the Hanniger Mine took the lives of a group of workers. The accident happened thanks to the supervisors attending a Valentine’s Day dance. Well, the only survivor of the explosion took matters into his own hands then and vows to do the same some decades later for anyone who celebrates that fateful day of “love.”

We’ll get you more news on this project as we do.