Kace’s Countdown – WWE ECW On Sci Fi (6/5/2007)

Kace’s Countdown – WWE ECW On Sci Fi – 6/5/2007

Tuesday Night, I was treated to an inoffensive, if unspectacular edition of ECW. I guess this, like SmackDown later this week are basically there to fill in time before the big Draft on Monday Night. So we have five moments and a couple of other notes to get through for this week’s edition of Extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme ‘rasslin’…that’s not all that extreme when one thinks about it. Anyway…


Bambi Weavil makes movement with John Cena being the new Hulk Hogan…though I’m more inclined to think he’s the new Steve Austin since the original Hulkamania run from 1983 to 1993 consisted of Hogan mostly getting along with McMahon.

Rob Blatt has his latest podcast up, so give him a listen.

Steve Murray looks on the Bright Side of Raw and ECW, while mentioning Donkey Kong. He digs me, I dig him. We are the Mutual Dig Society. He also mentions the Sopranos coming to an end this Sunday. I never really got into that show, but then I guess I’m more into, “all that lesbian thing, with the, uh, Jennifer Beals…it’s not bad. She a dyke in real life?” Only 214 more days ’til Season 5, by the way and they’ve started filming for the upcoming Season from what I understand. January can’t get here soon enough.

Top 5 Moments From ECW On Sci Fi – 6/5/2007

Also Ran Moments & Thoughts

Extreme Expose dances for Joey Styles and Tazz, giving Joey inspiration to talk about the upcoming Draft. Yep, he’s married.

Monty Brown returns to Orlando, but with a different name (Marcus Cor Von), but the same nickname of, “Alpha Male,” so at least I can acknowledge that without having to acknowledge the Cor Von part so much.

This show also went back to the old, “Bury the original ECW,” ideal. Rob Van Dam out of action, Tommy Dreamer, Balls Mahoney and Sandman all losing against one man, despite having weapons and Stevie Richards losing (again). This isn’t ECW as much as it is Anti-ECW. But it still has its moments and here are the Top 5.

#5 – Rockin’ Chair

We interrupt, “This Is Extreme” by Harry Slash to bring you Vince McMahon doing his best Linda McMahon circa Early 2001 impression. Sitting there alone, no expression and no real movement (maybe he was defying Bambi). The downward spiral into Madness continues onward for Vince as I still have that Season 3-like uneasy feeling about all this.

#4 – Kevin Thorn Defeats Stevie Richards

Stevie once again sports the Bladenboro look, but it does him no good against WWE’s resident ventrue, Thorn. Kevin continues to maintain consitency in his character and moveset while waiting for the next storyline or feud to occur. I guess if all else fails, just go out and win matches. Too bad they haven’t brought back the ECW TV Title, or else Thorn and some of the other guys could fight each other over that.

#3 – The Elijah Elbow & The Pounce, All In 1 Match

I’m really warming up to Brett & Brian Major as a tag team, while the New Breed 2.0 continue on their merry, though somewhat directionless way. It seems like there’s no real direction for anyone right now on ECW, so the Draft is coming at a pretty good time. Meanwhile, Burke hit his awesome corner elbowdrop during the match and Alpha Male finished things off with the Pounce. Can’t go wrong with that.

#2 – CM Punk Defeats Matt Striker

It was a nice match to end the show with, with both competitors working well enough together and having their times to shine. When things didn’t work out in Striker’s first attempt at the O Canada, he improvised with a Warrior Splash and reapplied the hold, this time with more success. Chick Magnet was also able to get his spots in and still have a good match. Punk gets the win, Striker’s futility storyline most likely continues with New Breed 2.0, assuming they’re all still part of ECW next week and I’m entertained well enough.

#1 – “Sandman! Get The Table!”

Well, why not? They were in Orlando, after all which is where Team 3D perform most of the time now. Still, it was kinda weird for a second. Part of me can’t help but wonder how much of that statement was tribute and how much was either parody or mockery. It did provide for a nice chuckle and with Bobby Lashley defeating Dreamer, Mahoney and Sandman with McMahon watching from his chair, it was almost like an end note for the ECW of old. Next Tuesday will probably be dramatically different for good.

Remember to check out the forums, especially the PAW efed, which has returned! If able, I’ll hit up TNA Impact this Week. For now, keep yourself out of trouble…or something to that effect.

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