More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – Resolution: Week 15

This week the album is DJ Spinna Here to There.

So far this has been the album that I’m most glad that I dusted off. But first a bit of back-story.

This album was part of BBE’s “Beat Generation” series. Basically, BBE had some of hip-hop’s more notable producers put together albums to showcase their skills. The only reason I jumped on board was because around the time they started the project I was heavy into Slum Village, but specifically into J-Dilla (or Jay Dee as he was known back then). The first album released was Dilla’s Welcome to Detroit. I loved that album so much, so I decided to stick with the series.

Eventually I managed to cop all of them. Some I’ve enjoyed more than others, but then again some I’ve listened to more than others.

Which brings me to DJ Spinna. I can’t front, I wasn’t really familiar with the gent before I copped this joint. I picked it up based on principle. But I obviously never gave it the attention it deserved. And my taste in music probably didn’t have the nuance it now does. Basically I couldn’t have appreciated this album when it was released, but now that I’ve grown a bit, this album has grown on me.

Anyone looking to this album for any “names” is going to be disappointed. The name that’s going to ring the most bells is probably Jean Grae, and she’s hardly a household name. But what the album lacks in high-profile guest stars it makes up for in terms of quality music.

Honestly, this is an album that I’d probably put on if I was doing some low-key entertaining or needed some chill-out music. This album is almost like the hip-hop equivalent of a Norah Jones album; it’s not overpowering or distracting, it’s almost soothing and way mellow.

“Galactic Soul” and “Idols” make for a killer 1-2 punch. And just hearing how Spinna sampled a Dave Brubeck classic on the latter, really gave me a greater appreciation for the album as a whole.

This album is a great example of why I decided to make this my New Year’s Resolution.