Richly Deserved: Pirate Master Episode 1-2

The crew are happy that John is gone. Joe Don looks to delegate some responsibilities so he chooses Sean as a cook and Jay to lead the workers. Cheryl doesn’t trust Jay but goes ahead with it.

The chores begin at dawn. The crew is called in for breakfast and are served something which may have resembled Big Brother Slop. Meanwhile a good breakfast awaits Joe Don. Louie resents this as does Christian.

Louie also described all the chores and again expressed resent for his lazy captain.

Time for the next expedition. Joe Don, Ben, and Cheryl are on the black team. The rest draw for which team they’ll be on.

The expedition began with a swim to shore. Kendra puts her team behind with her lack of swimming ability. The black team reach the sabotage point first. They go quickly towards a snake pit while the red team lags behind, mainly because Christian has lost that power in his legs he had while rushing for 1,000 yards with the Chiefs. Then Joy twists her knee. Nothing going right for the reds.

After some hesitance to go into the snake pit to find the next clue, Nessa and Azmyth go in. Azmyth finds the clue and they go to a stump and with a spoon and a flat wooden plate, somehow find the treasure.

Joe Don gets half of $45,000. He could change his officers but keeps Ben and Cheryl. Louie is furious. Joe Don does go into the crew’s quarters and gives everyone $200, an insulting gesture, really. He then gives $2,000 to Jay. Jay sees it as a bribe but hey, it’s free money.

Then it’s time to give black spots. Joe Don chooses the three responsible for the loss, Joy, Kendra, and Christian. Jay wants to keep Kendra and lose Christian. Joy said her knee was better.

Finally, Pirate’s Court (hereafter referred to as Piratal Council, because I say so). Kendra said she kept going when she got to land. Joy said her knee was better. Christian said he loved everyone and if were captain, wouldn’t keep even 30%. Louie again called for the captain’s mutiny.

However, the votes were cast and Louie figured the mutiny wasn’t happening. No mutiny votes were cast. No votes for Joy were cast either. So it was down to a 5-4 vote. Kendra got the four. And much to Jay’s delight and Louie’s dismay, Christian got released, uh, I mean cut adrift.

Next week. Louie talks mutiny again. He’s obsessed with this topic, isn’t he?