It’s Okay to Visit, but Stay Away from Our Cold Cut Platters!

There were several visitors backstage at this week’s Smackdown taping in Orlando, according to Pro Wrestling Insider, including:

– Harry Smith (WWE developmental)
– Ryan Wilson (a.k.a. Jacob Duncan in OVW, formerly red-shirt security in TNA)
– Mike Jarri (a.k.a. DNA)
– Glacier (former WCW star)

Jimmy Hart reportedly introduced Jarri (6’11”, 350+) to Johnny Ace and he will be sent to WWE’s developmental school in Tampa to be evaluated. In other backstage news, several indy wrestlers who were visiting got yelled at by Ace for “helping themselves” to catering. In particular, a worker who “helps out backstage at TNA” was told that WWE would never send people backstage to eat TNA’s food.

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