Scott Steiner Update

According to Pro Wrestling Insider, TNA star Scott Steiner is “still listed in serious condition in the hospital in Puerto Rico but is expected to make a full recovery.” Jeremy Borash and Steiner’s wife are with him in Puerto Rico.

Here is the latest update from Steiner’s official Web site

Scott is still in ICU. He is doing better again today but is still heavily sedated due to the amount of pain he is experiencing due to the injury and the surgery.

The doctors are still draining blood from his lungs so things are still quite serious.

He said that the most frustrating part of being in the hospital is the lack of communication between the nurses and Scott because of the English/Spanish language barrier.

Scott would like to again thank the staff and especially Dr. John Jones, Dr. Jorge Hernandez and Dr. Pablo Rodriguez. These doctors have helped out throughout the entire process from everything from the surgery to the recovery process.

The site is posting daily updates, with the latest from yesterday (June 7). We wish him a full and quick recovery.