Smackdown Preview for June 8, 2007



Preview: Off track
June 8, 2007

On Raw, Mr. McMahon began his week by revealing his vindictive side, ordering Superstars into matches and flexing his Chairman muscle. When he arrived at SmackDown Tuesday night, Mr. McMahon appeared to be depreciating into a catatonic state of mind. Wait until you see the condition of WWE’s Chairman this Friday night on SmackDown when he kicks off the show as a guest on The Cutting Edge with the World Heavyweight Champion Edge.

Another person flexing their decision making ability is SmackDown’s Assistant General Manager Vickie Guerrero. Word is that Vickie will announce two huge main events on SmackDown. Tune in Friday night to find out what Vickie Guerrero has in store for the Superstars of SmackDown.

One Superstar in for a world of trouble is Matt Hardy. After being targeted by Mr. McMahon Monday night, leading to he and his brother Jeff losing the World Tag Team Championship, Matt is being put into action again this Friday when he enters a Handicap Match against the WWE Tag Team Champions – Deuce & Domino.

Mark Henry went into One Night Stand intent on making his presence felt against Kane. The World’s Strongest Man demolished the Big Red Machine with an impressive power display, wearing down Kane to seize the win. Who will Henry single out as his next victim as he expands his jungle?

With the upcoming draft, how will the rest of the SmackDown roster prepare for the possibility of leaving Friday nights?

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