BodogFight Review – Episode 8

This week’s episode of BodogFight consisted of three fights showcasing fighters Nick “The Goat” Thompson and Eddie Alverez. Thompson would be avenging a loss against Dustin Denes and Eddie Alverez would display his dominance against veteran Scott Henze. The final bout would be Alverez against Thompson in a fight for the BodogFight/Mixed Fighting Championships welterweight title which took place on the Clash of the Nations pay per view that aired this past April.

Nick “The Goat” Thompson vs. Dustin “Clean” Denes

The most interesting thing about this match was that it was not the first time these two fighters have faced off. Back in 2003, Denes submitted Nick Thompson via triangle choke at 1:45 in the first round. However, at the time it was Thompson’s third professional fight and he was very much new to the game. His record was 1-1 while Denes’ was 6-1-2 with a black belt in brazilian jujitsu. This time around Thompson was the more experienced sporting an impressive record of 30-9-0 while Denes’ record stood at 12-3-3. The fight began with Thompson landing kicks to Denes’ thigh. Denes’ caught one of the kicks and the fight went to the ground. From there Thompson was able to secure the mount and rain down punches. Denes’ was unable to defend himself and the referee ended the fight at 1:27 in the first round.

Eddie Alverez vs. Scott Henze

It was mentioned that Scott Henze weighed in on the scales at 171lbs after cutting weight but was up to 191lbs by fight time. This would make Henze the bigger, and possibly, stronger of the two fighters. Being from the mid-west, Henze sought to utilize his strong wrestling background to takedown and ground and pound Alverez. Henze shot in for a takedown but Alverez sprawled and Henze was on his back. Henze would stay there throwing upkicks with Alverez looking to land punches from above. Alverez backed away and Henze was stood up by the ref. Henze shot in again, aggressively driving forward to take Alverez down, but his takedown defense was formidable. The fight was once again brought to standing where Alverez had the clear advantage. Henze showed signs of fatigue as Alverez chased him down landing hard punches. Henze attempted another takedown but was reversed and was mounted by Alverez who proceeded to connect with his punches. Henze struggled to escape the mount but ended up exposing his back which Alverez took. Alverez pummeled Henze until his corner threw in the towel 3:58 in the first. Alverez celebrated the victory bringing his son in the ring. Henze showed great sportsmanship high fiving the kid and raising Alverez’ hand.

Eddie Alverez vs. Nick “The Goat” Thompson
(BodogFight Pay Per View in St. Petersburg, Russia)

Round 1. Feeling out process with both fighters throwing strong and hard. Nick Thompson clearly has the height and reach advantage but this isn’t the first time that Alverez had faced a taller, bigger opponent.

Round 2. Alverez manages to take down Thompson but is unable to keep him down. Alverez still trying to find his way around Thompson’s reach. Alverez, pressing the action with punches. Thompson countering with leg kicks and punches as Alverez comes in. Alverez is stunned by a straight left while coming in with a cross. Thompson quickly jumps on top of Alverez and drops hard strikes until the ref stops the fight at 4:32 in the second round. Nick Thompson is the new BodogFight welterweight champion.

Both fighters were very emotional. Thompson celebrating winning his new title and Alverez suffering his first career loss. It will be interesting to see what lies in the future of both these promising fighters.