ROH Report: June 9, 2007 in Roxburry Crossing, MA

Match 1: BJ Whitmer and Brent Albright go to a No Contest (Whitmer headbutts the ref)

Sounds like a fairly generic brawl with an ending where Albright simply up and disappeared. Strange.

Daizee Haze called out Lacey but Jimmy Jacobs limped out instead. Daizee attacked and beat on the injured Jacobs buy Lacey made the save and went to check on Jimmy in a big character moment. Jimmy then sent Lacey to continue to beat on Haze.

Match 2: Bryan Danielson defeated Jimmy Rave (Ref Stoppage, MMA Elbows)

Short, but sweet. It’s a shame this was so early on the card. With more time and a better spot it could have stolen the show.

Match 3: Kevin Steen defeats Mark Briscoe (Pin, Package Piledriver)

So the heat stays on Steen. This was basic speed vs. power mixed into a big brawl and was reportedly hard hitting since both are so stiff. After the match Steen brings in a chair but Jay saves. August 10 in ROH’s return to Boston the two teams will have a streetfight.

Match 4: Claudio Castagnoli defeats Mike Quackenbush, Chris Hero, and Nigel McGuinness (Pin, European uppercut)

This grants Claudio a title shot at a major show, Death before Dishonor night 1, August 10.

Match 5: Eddie Edwards defeats Pelle Primeau

I’m curious to see this because if Pelle couldn’t get Edwards to loosen up and look good in a ROH ring, then I’m not sure who can.

Match 6: Matt Sydal beat El Generico (Pin, Hurricanrana reversal)

A bit surprised at this match’s placing on the card. This was said to be really hot and kept the crowd on its feet.

Match 7: Delirious, Matt Cross, and Erick Stevens beat the No Remorse Corps

Resilience finally gets a win back on the NRC. Is it too late to save the feud though?

Match 8: ROH Title Match: Takeshi Morishima defeats Jay Briscoe (Pin, Backdrop Driver)

A foregone conclusion, but the match delivered.

After the match Steen, Generico and the Briscoes brawled again! This feud is just heating up.

Stay tuned for the full, in-depth results for the Philadelphia show, which I will be attending live. See you then!

Credit: board.