The Cybertronian Enquirer 6.10.2007

Yes, it’s been awhile. I missed you too! How are the wife and kids?

You get the point…but there’s more. This is my last CE. I know, I’ve talked about it for awhile, but I’m officially handing the CE over to Chuck. It took me three weeks to write a single column and it should never take that long. Plus, I can only imagine how many of you loyal Primates are left considering the CE has become so sporadic. I will be writing the occasional column on TF material. A Botcon one shot will be the first and we’ll see where it goes after that. I’ll say my good byes at the end…

In the mean time, let’s talk TFs

I’m back from Europe and finally getting back in the swing of things. Word to the wise, never take Alitalia for long flights. The don’t allow the use of any electronic devices during flight. So I was stuck watching crappy dubbed over movies rather than our lovable TF cartoons. I did get to read a lot of the movie prequel book…which is boring as hell.

I’m not the world’s greatest reader, but I enjoy reading about things that interest me (TFs of course being one of those things). The book is a great prelude with tons of G1 allusions. The biggest reference is Starscream plotting against Megatron. Megs is already frozen at this point and Starscream is in charge of the Decepticons. Their allegiance still seems split with Barricade on Screamer’s side while I believe it was Brawl or Bonecrusher is on Megatron’s. What do I mean by side? Well, the Decepticons are trying to track Megs and the Allspark. Some of the Decepticons are truly looking for Megatron, while others just want the Allspark. You can guess which side is which. Now, the book basically runs three points of view. The Decepticons are of course the first, then the Autobots, and then a Sector Seven view. It jumps around a little bit, but the storyline is this: Sector Seven makes a ship, The Ghost, which has used Cybertronian technology based off of Megatron. The ship takes off and gets shot waaaaaay too far into space. Guess who finds them? The Autobots and Decepticons of course. Neither side can figure out why this archaic piece of machinery is mixed in with Cybertronian technology. It is a funny scene when they whip out their weapons. I think Ratchet goes in to depth describing the use of gun power and how old the method is. Any, the ship sets down on a nearby planet to escape “Iceman’s” (Megatron’s) brothers. Bumblebee and Starscream go down after them. Starscream even convinces the humans he’s the hero and the Autobots are the enemies. God, can anyone say they G1 cartoon episode? Can’t remember the name of the ep off the top of my head, but it’s the one with Mr. Berger in it. We also flip back to Earth where they’re transporting Megs from Alaska down to Hoover Dam. That’s about as far as I read. I know, on a ten and a half hour flight you’d think I’d finish the damn thing.

Ok, that was my mini-half-way-through-the-book-review. A couple more cool things though: Autobot is shortened from “Autonomous Robots.” Huh, and here I thought it was because they were Automobile Robots. Our buddies are in the Nemesis and the Ark, so a little more G1 for you.

How was Europe? Well, I got to see a lot of peeps that looked like relatives. All the places we went (Budapest, Vienna, and Prague) were tourist traps. That means that basically every shop we went to had the same nonsense. Just about everyone spoke English too. Plus, they told you not to give your credit card away in Budapest. People would go and make copies of it. Good people

I was able to find a toy store in Vienna. However, they don’t exactly have Toys R Us stores on every corner. It was more of an old school toy shop. They had a statue of Poppa Smurf outside, toy trains up stairs, and random toys on every wall. They did have some new stuff, but the cool thing was an old Masters of the Universe play set. I did find a few Cybertron TFs, but they weren’t anything new or special. I was looking for the single carded Prime or Megs from the Classics two pack. Instead I find the multi-lingual boxes. I really didn’t see any point in grabbing any of those even for novelty sake.

Now I’m back in the States and we have a ton of TF goodness coming up. Let’s start with how much I dislike TRU online. I should have learned my lesson from the Soundwave fiasco. I preordered EVERY deluxe figure. Guess what? They’re backordered. How in the world does the world’s leading toy store not have these in stock? Now, granted, they are probably sending most to their stores, but I can get most of them online and delivered before they come off backorder. Which leads me to a sad fact…I bought six of the deluxes already when I know I’m already getting them. So why not cancel the other ones? Well, TRU won’t let you cancel. You have to send them back for a refund after they charge your card and send them. Blah, bad customer service. Chris, pull some strings on this shit

D-Day did hit for all the movie toys on Saturday. I told myself I wouldn’t wake up and go right to target, but you know damn well I did. Jen found Leader Class Prime and Megs the night before, but I still grabbed Screamer, the Target exclusives, and the Real Gear toys. We’ll get into all that in a minute.

Then we have Botcon. We’re about a month away and I have a bone to pick. Alpha friggin’ Trion. I have been begging for this toy for multiple years. Every year I suggested this figure as a future exclusive. Every column I’ve suggested it. They finally did it. I want my royalties! By the way, I officially hate Alessandro. He got Alpha Trion and reviewed him before any of us (in particularly me…) got him!

Regardless, I got my confirmation material for Jen and I. We are part of the “confirmed” Hasbro trip and were part of the first 100. We apparently get a Bugbite pin this year. God, I really wish they’d do something just a little bit cooler for the first hundo. Like Glenn use to make it so you could go to the front of any line. That rocked. You could walk by the other fanboys and be like “Yeah, Fuck YOU fanboy!”

As for the sets, I got an offer I couldn’t refuse on the box set, so it’s off the market. I was going to take this one out of contention due to the fact that the sets sold out. However, Chuck is going to pay eBay value on them (to be determined once they hit the market). The loose set currently has a bid of $200 plus shipping. If anyone would like the Bugbite pin or to make an offer on the loose set, just email me. I honestly have to see how crazy the net goes on the loose set too. I hate to be like that, but honestly guys Botcon costs a lot. This helps make up for the cost of the trip. If the loose sets go nuts on eBay then I may have to see one (or even my second loose set) on eBay too.

Check out the review section for three new reviews from Alessandro

Today’s another day that it’s tough to write a CE, but a month break is quite enough. Ok, let’s see what the hell I got over these past thirty days…

Kollector’s Korner

My God, where do I start. I got the Nike Prime and Megs shoes, all the movie deluxes minus Swindle, all the Voyagers, the two Leaders, the Target Sector Seven exclusives, Revoltech Megatron, all the Real Gears, and some random TF movie propaganda.

I’ll give it to the Nike peeps. The shoes are pretty cool. I can’t believe they look as good as they do considering what they had to work with. Now, granted, they are “shell” TFs. That means they basically just have a shell of their alt mode attached to them. Think Cybertron Thunderblast. The shoe parts just kind of hand off of them. The Transformation is pretty snifty considering it transforms from a baby shoe into our infamous robot leaders. The gun has two parts that are stashed on the inside of the top of the shoe. Plus, they both have real shoe laces that hang down from their arms. The only real differences between the two are the head molds and the color. Otherwise, they’re the same mold.

I don’t know why, but that is definitely yag

The coolest part of both toys has to be the packing:

They actually come in shoe boxes. Nice

Then there’s the Real Gear. These are some good basics, but some are obviously above the others. Let’s take Gameboy for instance. I know that’s not his name, but that’s what I’m calling him since the creative geniuses at Hasbro decided “Power Up VT6” was a good name. Anyway, Gameboy sucks. Cheap plastic, head that pops right off and doesn’t go up all the way, and a crap transformation. On the other hand, Laserbeak rocks. I do wish his ear piece actually fit on your ear. Check out a cool pic of him with Megs below. No, I’m not going to wear it in public, but I’m just thinking for playability purposes. Longview isn’t bad. He reminds me of Bumblebee for some reason. Speed Dial 800 is going to get renamed “Perceptor 2000” and, as all wrestling fans know, whenever “2000” is tagged on to something it…well…sucks. Spy Shot 6 and Zoom Out 25x are decent. Both look good, have a decent basic transformation, and don’t pop apart during said transformation. So that basically leaves two that suck, two that are decent, and two that rock. We need names for these guys…here’s my list from suckfest to pretty damn cool:

Power Up VT6: PSPbot (Portable Sodomy Playable Robot)
Speed Dial 800: Cyclopsbot
Spy Shot 6: Retardflector
Zoom Out 25x:Voyeur
Longview: Peepingtombot
Booster x10: Cellularbeak

Ha…not that creative, but I’ll be damned if they aren’t better than what Hasbro came out with. Random note…a lot of the figures have 7:47 pm on them. Anyone have any clue why?

Note: Christ I’m out of it. I wasn’t even thinking about the release date of the movie….which is no longer the 4th, but you get the point….

Macho Man elbow drop onto the crapiest Real Gear figure!

I can’t help but giggle watching four small robots beat up the nerdy kid…

Ok, next…Movie Deluxes…

You’re supposed to be WHO?

Alright, so we have Bumblebee and Jazz. Bumblebee is cool and deserving of his big role in the movie. I’m looking forward to the 2008 version. Something weird is that he has no real license plate, but he has one on his pelvic region. His feet are a little clumsy, but overall a good ‘bot. Jazz leaves a little to be desired. He’s fat, has no hands, and sports bunny ears. Ok, the fat and bunny ears I can get over. However, this no hands gimmick that a lot of these bots are sporting bothers me. I guess I dig the kung fu grip. The vehicle mode is pretty plain relative to the other figures too.

So…who survives the movie?

Our Decepticon deluxes feature Scorponok, Wreckage, Barricade, Brawl, and Bonecrusher. Once again, I didn’t pick up the goofy Swindle yet. I start out with the bad and end with the good. Brawl’s arms don’t fit well in the slots, thus his arms aren’t that mobile. Plus, his damn tank pops off any chance it gets. Other than that, he has a great look in either mode. Lots of guns. Wreckage, who I think is Brawl’s brother, is nice. He has one of the most “normal” looking bodies (proportionate legs and arms) possibly due to not having “movie look” constraints. Barricade is a bit on the heavy set side too, so send him and Jazz to the salad bar. I love the look of the CGI version, but the toy comes off looking a bit more “devilish.” Again, no hands. Bonecrusher looks like this massive brute…except he’s shorter than Scorponok. This toy should have been massive. A voyager would have been wonderful to reflect what a badass he is. Then there’s Scorponok. I’m glad they made a deluxe version of him, but there’s not much to the figure. He’s great in scorpion mode then you stand him up, flip his legs down, turn his face, and you have a goofy robot. At least he fits together with Blackout.

My defective Brawl arms…the peg doesn’t stay in the arm notch


I did pick up a boxed Ironhide, but I didn’t open him. I still have the prototype which looks damn near identical if it isn’t. I talked about him before so I won’t go too in depth. However, all the Voyagers are keepers. Ironhide has big guns too, which are always cool.

Ratchet is much nicer than I thought he’d be. I guess it was the fact that ever seller on eBay had up test shots of this lime green bastard. This Ratchet reminds me more of Rhinox. He’s medically oriented, but he’s also a genuine bad ass. This is a nice solid toy you could throw against a wall. The automorph feature does this cool little “morph” with his inner legs. It pops out too panels making it thicker and less square. I’m looking forward to the Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers version (the white G1 Homage)

Yay! I made it into the movie!

The Voyager Prime is thus far my favorite of the movie line. I haven’t picked up the regular version, but I do have the test shot and the Robo-Vision Target Exclusive. You can read back a few articles to see what I thought, but this version beats out the leader class on detail. The big one is really bulky and doesn’t bare as much resemblance to his CGI counterpart. If you pick up one toy, make it Voyager Prime. The Robo-Vision Prime does look a little better in my opinion. They added more detail and lightened him up a bit. The lighter blue and silver make him a bit flashier. The Robo-Vision gimmick is simlar to G1 red decoders. You take the decoder, put it on the back of the package to get a code, and then go to to reveal “exclusive content.”

Blackout is another toy that should have been larger. I know, I know, he could only be a Leader class if they jacked him up. I just think that a toy this bad ass that has such a prominent role in the movie should have been larger. He’s only a little larger than a deluxe. I just pictured Blackout as the ‘roid rage body guard. Anyway, great toy. I believe he’s one of the better looking toys to come out of the entire line thus far. I wish he could have been a bit more detailed in terms of his face and “blade feet,” but Scorponok being a Gummy Bear makes up for it. Sarcasm dually noted. My “real” version is on the way. I’m stuck with my janky non-correctly transformable test shot version for now.

Screamer is still fat, but he’s not as fat as that kid in the obese children commercial playing the video game where he eats food. That was a baaaaaad run on. Anyway, his alt mode is wonderful. Everything looks just as it should. However, I remember seeing the sketch art for him somewhere around two years ago. I was like “there’s no way that’s Screamer.” Huh, turns out I was wrong. It’s tough to believe this guy is Starscream. We’ve been given so many G1-esque Screamers recently through the ArmaEnerTron Trilogy that this thing is tough to buy. After you get past that whole “looks nothing like G1 thing” then he’s not that bad. I like the transformation in which the nose slides up to reveal inner wiring/circuit boards. That’s the “Automorph” portion. I don’t know if the pics have done it justice, but the legs are supposed to bend like a bird. Was that Bay trying to give a flying robot bird legs? Boo…The hands bother me since they aren’t anything but missile launchers. Let’s look forward to the G1 redeco.

I don’t care who the hell Michael Bay think you are!

Then there’s Voyager Megatron. This is another on that you can go back and see what I thought of the test shot. I will say Megs is the opposite of the Prime figures. The Leader is definitely better than the Voyager.

So let’s talk Leader figures then. Jen actually found them both for me at the very end of May. I was stoked to say the least! Yes, even I mark out for toys every now and then. Anyway, Prime and Megs are both really detailed. He is a bit bulky especially when compared to his movie CGI concept. The tires on the legs are the main difference. It just seems like they couldn’t make the proportions between his height and size of the tires work. This left the tires sticking out of his upper thighs. His Automorph features his also the electronic feature. His head pops out of his shoulders and his chest splits apart. We also hear some transformation sound and gun fire. You can also push a button in his alt mode to make the truck horn go off. I may enjoy the Voyager version’s look better, but this one looks closer to the movie concept than the little guy. I think it’s just more of a detail issue. It’s a tough, fun transformation too.

It reminds you of your dad waving, doesn’t it?

…Which brings me to the bastard child that is Leader Megatron. Sonofabitch was he tough to transform! He doesn’t look too tough, but the instructions don’t really relay how his legs should be positioned in space craft mode. I was sitting there for a half hour trying not to break another expensive Megatron (see: MP Megs). I dig the figure though. His Automorph feature is VERY similar to Prime’s except it doesn’t involve his head. It instead makes red wings pop up behind his shoulders with sound effects. His right arm becomes a gun, which I guess is a play off of G1. It is a bit more prominent in the Voyager figure which has the “gun” attached to his left arm. I guess bay thought the left hand was a better choice as the right should always be for robot masturbation. Ha! Robot porn gets thrown in even in my final column! Anyway, Megs right hand pops out as in “Go Go Gadget arm!” My only BIG complaint with this figure is that his head is simply covered up in jet mode. It has a small piece that covers the face. Boo…

Ahhh, to be G1 again…

Speaking of his face, they obviously changed it from the test shot days. The head doesn’t have the fins that the back picture of the box has. Now that’s a test shot I’d pay for…

I also have to mention all the random ass stuff I got at Target. The dollar bin has TONS of stuff. I got a Frisbees with Megatron, Prime, Barricade, and Bumblebee on them, push pencils, clear pencil bags with Barricade and Bumblebee on them, stickers, two bags with Megs and the Autobot Symbol on them, coloring books, magnets, and other random stuff. Check it out next time you’re at Tar-jay. They also have the Hardtop, Arcee, and Signal Flare. What’s interesting is that their bios say nothing about the Sector Seven keys. Weird that they don’t come how incorporate that idea. I thought it would be some side story where the SS guys were making their own small TFs.

TNN Headlines
The news articles and pictures come from multiple sources including, TFW2005, eBay, FantoFan, The All Spark, TFormers, Big Bot, Seibertron, among others. Give these sites a look if you get a chance.

All the news seems to rest solely on the movie with a few crumbs toward Botcon.

Here’s the listing for the Transformers Soundtrack:

1. Linkin Park “What I’ve Done”

2. Smashing Pumpkins “Doomsday Clock”

3. Disturbed “This Moment”

4. Goo Goo Dolls “Before It’s Too Late (Sam and Mikaela’s Theme)”

5. The Used “Pretty Handsome Awkward”

6. HIM “Passion’s Killing Floor”

7. Taking Back Sunday “What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost?”

8. Styles Of Beyond “Second To None”

9. Armor For Sleep “End Of The World”

10. Idiot Pilot “Retina and the Sky”

11. Julien-K “Technical Difficulties”

12. Mutemath “Transformers Theme”

Have you guys heard the Mutemath remix? It’s similar to the old G1 beat, but throws in a weird techno remix with a Lincoln Park type vocal. Email me if you want it or you can find it hidden in the Sector Seven emails.

Sector Seven has a new code: deceptibot

The movie adaptation comic and the prequel comics came out in trade paper back the other day. It’s a good way to play catch up. You can find those two TPBs and the Ghosts of Yesterday novel on Amazon.

Stylin Online has new TF movie shirts up. I’m waiting on the Decepti-Badge from Barricade’s vehicle mode. I dig the “To punish and enslave”

The video games are hitting stores on the 26th. I think that it’s TRU that is supposed to have an “exclusive skin” in one of the games that you can play as G1 Prime. I forget where I read that though…

I got the Decepticon faceplate for my 360. It comes with twelve different G1 interchangeable faceplates. I was torn on whether to use Starscream or Scorponok. The faceplate it comes with has chrome over the memory card inputs and has a Decepticon symbol over the power button.

Movie Ironhide is on the cover of Truck Trend. It’s cool how GMC is using the TFs to promote their brand outside of the movie. Bumblebee is in print and TV spots.

I’m still trying to win an American “Pepsi Prime” from the Transform Your Summer Pepsi campaign…

Stan Bush, who has now officially accepted me as a friend on, had this to say:

“Major TRANSFORMERS Update… coming soon.

Stan Bush here.

Thanks for all of the kind words, you guys are the best. As you know I did submit a song to the producers of the new Transformers movie, and while it may not be represented on the soundtrack… Perhaps they will still feature one of my *other* songs somewhere in the film…

I would personally like to thank Brian Goldner, all of Hasbro, and the legions of G1 Transformers fans for helping me get a shot. Not to mention,, and all of the other great fan sites.

The new album “IN THIS LIFE” is completed and is garnering rave reviews over in Europe and Japan. The official North American release date is 7.3.7. I am releasing this new album with two exclusive TRANSFORMERS tracks (including the song I submitted for the TRANSFORMERS film) through my label LA Records. Details will be coming very soon (as will MP3 samples).

This site will also be changing very soon. Look for the official STANBUSH.COM to be launching this month! Of course this MySpace page will not be going anywhere. It’s served a great purpose of communication with everyone here.

Expect more. Very soon.

Until that day… Til All Are One!

Stan Bush”.

Could we be hearing “The Touch” as a background song somewhere in the movie? Could be ‘80’s style cool…

Botcon announced the last 100 people raffled off for a tour of the Hasbro plant. Yeah, glad I got in early.

The Leader of the Ages set is exclusive to Walmart. That’s the one with Classics two pack Prime and FAB movie Prime. There are also two other two packs to my knowledge: First Encounter with Bumblebee and Barricade and the Decepticon Desert 2-Packwith Blackout and Deluxe Scorponok. I just ordered off of Yes, even after all my bitching. I got a Heroes 2-Pack for free since it’s $5 orders of $25 or more.

Leader movie Prime is getting a redeco…boo…”Nightwatch Prime”

Starscream and Ratchet won’t be the only redecoed movie toys! We’re getting a G1 Jazz too! You know…they do have some weird names for these G1 redecos. For example, this one is called “Final Battle Jazz” or some such nonsense. Maybe Nightwatch Prime is a G1 repaint? Hmmmm….

Chuck can start crying now. It looks like we’re having a sequel in the works:

From Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura talking to

“I would say all of us were very reluctant to even think about it, because that’s a presumption of success that none of us really want to make. Now that we’ve seen the film finished, now that the audience has told us that they love it when they see it, now that it feels like we have a successful entry a month from now, we’ve begun to talk about the ideas that we feel we can bring from the mythology that we didn’t get a chance to do in this movie and the ideas in this movie that we’d like to experiment further with. There’s no plotline, there’s no writer hired. It’s really internal to the filmmakers sort of going, ‘You know what? We really love this and what about this?’ I would say we’re throwing ideas around right now in the hopes that we get to that place where we can sit down with a writer and really talk about it”.

Then UnderGroundOnline talked to Tom DeSanto who is already thinking about two fan favorite groups for part 2:

“It is really gratifying that as an old school Transformers fan and after almost six years of work the movie is just over a month away from live action big screen immortality. Like X-Men and Battlestar Galactica this is a project I have wanted to see made since I was a kid. As a huge Grimlock lover myself there was just no room in the first movie for the Dinobots, we had to focus on the original Transformers with Optimus Prime and Megatron. But if the box office allows us to make a sequel, the door is open to a lot of the Transformers universe. I have a very cool idea on how to intro the Dinobots and Constructicons. How cool would that movie be?”

If you haven’t seen it…go to Sector and check out the Grimlock NBE file. That would make any G1 fan mark out for a sequel with those big dumb dinos. However, I would almost guarantee they will not look like the NBE clip. They’ll be modified just like the rest of the TFs. Why? Ok, look at the last clip of the VW bug that transforms in the NBE section. It’s G1 Bumblebee, not 2007 movie Bumblebee. Those clips are for us Transfans to geek out on, but not representative of what will be in the movie.

Newsflash: You are no Longer a Dork

Ok, so all of a sudden, Transformers, collecting Transformers, and having an in depth knowledge of their history is…cool?

Let me explain…

I have this buddy who works at KROQ in LA. He’s one of those guys with his finger on the pulse aka trendy. Apparently, the newest trend is TFs. The KROQ guys are going nuts over this stuff. Now, this dude use to be my roommate so he obviously knows I’m a TF guru. He never had a huge interest in TFs, but he did watch the movie with me once or twice. Now he’s gone out and bought Bumblebee, Slumplebee, Starscream, and he got Megs free at work. Knowing him, I bet he’s also got one of those Autobot/Decepticon wrist bands. What’s my point?

Transformers are now being accepted by the masses. It’s not “you play with what?” It’s now “I remember Transformers. They were so cool!” It’s a socialization issue. Society accepts Transformers now since it’s a mass market film. However…it’s weird.

Think about it. How many times have YOU hid your love of Transformers to come off “cool?” Don’t get me wrong, everyone I know eventually finds out, but I don’t think bringing it up to a hot chick at a bar would be the best game plan. Now it’s an interesting conversation piece to bring up. “Did you see the preview for that movie? It’s gonne be AWESOME!”

Is it a good thing? It’s like our little island in the sea just became inhabited. I’ll go right out there and say I hate trendy stuff and right now…grrr…Transformers are trendy. It reminds me of being a wrestling fan right before the nWo/Goldberg/Attitude Era. I remember having to hide my love of wrestling or risk the “YOU KNOW IT’S FAKE RIGHT?!?” conversation. Then, all of a sudden, it became mainstream again. People at school were wearing wrestling t-shirts and talking about Raw/Nitro. This is kind of the same way. Something that we cherished for so long is mainstream and everyone is jumping on the band wagon. It’s just kind of f*cked up that all the haters all of a sudden dig TFs and that makes it “cool.” (Just to note, my buddy I’m talking about was never one of the haters)

On the other hand, I have to say that it is fun shooting the shit with some of my friends about TFs when they previously had no interest. I’m also the new “guru” for KROQ. Rick is calling me or emailing me with any questions they have on the history or the movie. He marked out when I sent him the script.

So all I can say is if someone who previously made fun of you is now saying they loved TFs since day one….kick them in the balls. Nurture the other ones who really want to learn. Teach them the ways of A3 and the small treasures of the TF universe like Lucky Draws, War Within, and the rest of our deviant subculture.

K’s Konundrum

Q: What other voice acting has Hugo Weaving performed?

A: Happy Feet as Noah the Elder and Babe: Pig in NY as Rex the male sheepdog

He has a few more, but those were the bigger roles I saw

Pimp my Mechanical Sentient Being

Ok, so our Archives got smashed in the switch to V.3. However, they still exist with different locations. I’ll start a few each week to savor the history of Inside Pulse

My babies:
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Alessandro “Rikkomba” Riccombeni: Titanium Rodimus Prime , Alpha Trion, Classics Optimus Prime, Cybertron Wingsaber, Cybertron Menasor,
Galaxy Force Soundblaster

And in closing arguments…or Ramblings of a Retiring CE Columnist

The long time readers know there have been a few times that I’ve almost retired or just skipped a few weeks. Then there was Chuck and I trading weeks. It seems to be the natural progression that Chuck takes over then. I did this for a long time and had a lot of fun with it, but I’m done. Things have changed a lot since I started writing. I was in Cali finishing up college when I started. Then I moved to Miami and went through my MBA. I even kept this thing going through a year of work.

I’m not going anywhere though. I’ll still help out Chucky when he needs it. I was thinking of finally putting together a “true” archive section for him too. I’ll put together a column here and there too just to switch stuff up. As mentioned, the first will be a Botcon 2007 report.

I want to say thanks to everyone who kept the column going. Primates, you guys rock. Elohim, thanks for bringing me on (even though I think you might have died…). Charles, you were always a big help when my slack ass skipped town.

Keep your kinky TF fetishes alive…I know I will

Much love and Mechanical Parts,