ECW Preview for June 12, 2007



Preview: An Extreme new landscape
June 12, 2007

Tonight, ECW on Sci Fi must sift through the aftermath of an historic WWE Draft on Raw Monday night, a vacated ECW World Title, two new Extreme Superstars and the seeming demise of the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Mr. McMahon is presumed dead following an apparent car bombing that engulfed his entire limousine in flames, mere instants after he entered the vehicle. Memories of the Chairman—both recent and past—have been anything but pleasant, as evidenced by the testimonies of WWE Legends and numerous celebrities during Monday’s “Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night.” Nevertheless, ECW’s Superstars must first bear the brunt of this horrific tragedy, and they must do so without an ECW World Champion. Bobby Lashley has been drafted over to Raw, but he has been stripped of the ECW World Title he won at One Night Stand just over a week ago. Who will rise in the Land of the Extreme to claim ECW’s most valued prize?

Perhaps one of ECW’s newest Superstars will answer the Extreme challenge. Since he first emerged on SmackDown in 2005, Boogeyman has been a freakish, worm-eating powerhouse who terrifies his prey, then dominates. Can he take the next step forward and digest the notion of being an Extreme champion?

Then there’s the man who almost bested Lashley in competition on Raw last night. Chris Benoit knows all about being Extreme from his days with the promotion in the 1990s. Moments after losing the match and being selected as ECW’s Draft pick, the Rabid Wolverine immediately made it known that he will make a fierce bid for the ECW World Title. With the championship up for grabs, does Benoit have the inside track to wear the ECW gold?

The winds of change are upon WWE and they begin on ECW on Sci Fi, tonight at 10/9 CT.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.