TNA Steiner, Jarrett, Referees News

The latest Wrestling Observer has more details on Scott Steiner’s injury. He was kicked in the throat by Apolo at the San Juan house show on the 3rd June, which tore his trachea and damaged his oesophagus. Steiner woke up at 2am after the show with breathing difficulties and coughed up blood, so he went immediately to the hospital and they performed surgery on him. As reported earlier, he was not allowed to fly after the operation and had to remain in Puerto Rico for several days afterwards. His wife flew there to be with him on the 4th, while Jeremy Borash, Jeff Jarrett and Abyss all stayed to check on him after the operation. Dutch Mantel was apparently insistent on people staying with Steiner for the surgery. Mantel was there the night Bruiser Brody died and perhaps has lingering uncertainty about Puerto Rico. Early estimates have Steiner out of action for up to six months. It seems likely that a substitute will be brought in to team with Rick Steiner against Team 3-D at Slammiversary. TNA wants to give a kayfabe explanation for Scott’s absence, since if they go with the injury then he’ll be welcomed back as a major face upon his return.

Jarrett left Puerto Rico before the Borash and Abyss, heading to Tennessee to help with TV production and then onto California to negotiate with TV networks for TNA programming. He has seemingly immersed himself in the business to an even greater degree than before since his wife Jill passed away as he tries to avoid the pain of reality.

In case anybody was wondering, Slick Johnson has left TNA and is now working outside of the wrestling industry. Also, Earl Hebner missed a recent TV taping because his wife has had a stroke. Yes, Bret Hart had one of those too.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 11th June 2007 (click here for subscription information)