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June 12, 2007

Big Nothing

When an ex-teacher can’t even keep a job in a call center, desperation starts to set in. Charlie is down on his luck and needs to provide for his family, so when a scam artist named Gus and his ex-girlfriend present Charlie with a foolproof money-making scheme, it seems almost too good to be true. Well, it is.

DVD Features: None

Blood & Chocolate

A beautiful young woman falls in love with a young man in what could be considered a normal teenage romance except that she’s a werewolf. Trying to keep it hidden from her own kind, she wants to continue her love with the human. But a series of murders reveals their love and her pack is now in danger of exposure.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, trailers


Witness the true story of one of the greatest known security breaches in history. A young FBI agent enters into a struggle of power with his boss who ends up being the subject of possibly selling secrets to the Soviet Union; but he may just be too smart to ever get caught.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, alternate scenes, “The Mole” featurette, anatomy of a character

Check out Kubryk’s review here.

The Bridge

A documentary about the trials and tribulations of life and how a lot of time people just can’t handle it anymore and wish to end it all earlier then it should. And one of the most popular and famous destinations for them to accomplish this tragic feat is the Golden Gate Bridge.

DVD Features: Behind the scenes featurette, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Public Service Announcement

Deadwood Season 3

The people of Deadwood are still in the middle of danger and drama as the ever-going competition to see who will take control of the entire town and its assets rage on in the third and final season.

DVD Features: All 12 episodes from the third and final season, audio commentary on multiple episodes, numerous featurettes

Diagnosis Murder Season 2

Dr. Mark Sloan is a dedicated doctor but also moonlights as a detective with all the snooping around he does. With the help of his detective son Steve and their pathologist friend Amanda Bentley; they aim to bring the bad guys to justice.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the second season

Diary Of A Mad Black Woman The Movie: Special Edition

The wild and crazy story from Tyler Perry about a couple who are going through a lot of marital problems and as events begin to unfold, they must decide which is stronger. Their love that was once there for one another, or their Christian duties.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, outtakes, photo gallery, text gallery, numerous featurettes on the

Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze is a famous stunt man that has a lot going for him in his life even though he has had to make some tough choices along the way. One of those was giving up his soul in exchange for saving the life of his someone he loved and now by day is normal and at night he transforms into a skull-burning, chain-wielding, rider for justice.

DVD Features: Single and two-disc editions, audio commentaries, behind the scenes, making of documentaries, “Sin & Salvation” — a four part feature on the history of the Ghost Rider comic book

Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries Season 2

Alternating episodes take you inside the world of both the young crime-solving Nancy Drew and the crime-solving team of the Hardy brothers, Frank and Joe. And when the crimes were too big for them to handle alone, then you may just see a crossover of all three crime fighters working together.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the second season

Hellboy Animated: Blood & Iron

Hellboy once again teams up with Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman in another animated adventure to stop the forces of evil. A group of ghosts and werewolves have taken over a mansion, and when our heroes arrive to take care of things, they realize they must also contend with an evil goddess and vampiress.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, “Reversal O Fortune” featurette, “Tales From The Tomb” featurette, “Iron Shoes” featurette, “The Penanggalan” featurette

The Hustler: Collector’s Edition

A pool shark jumps around from pool hall to pool hall hustling all who come into his path en route to taking down the top guy, Minnesota Fats. Nothing can stop him. Nothing that is, except for the love of a beautiful woman.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, still gallery, text gallery, theatrical trailer, more then twelve featurettes, trailers for more of Paul Newman’s films

Kathy Griffin My Life On The D-List Season 1

With the help of her husband, friends, and family, self proclaimed D-List celebrity Kathy Griffin aims to do whatever it takes to make her way up the fame ladder and end up on the A-List with the other big names in Hollywood.

DVD Features: All 6 episodes from the first season

Masters Of Horror: Screwfly Solution

Joe Dante has his second shot at showing he is a Master Of Horror in a strange story about men who brutally and fatally attack women when they become sexually aroused. A couple scientists take on the task of solving this horrible problem, but must work fast.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, text gallery, still gallery, DVD-ROM, screenplay, “The Cinematic Solution” featurette, “The Exterminators” featurette

Noah’s Arc Season 2

Noah, Alex, Ricky, Chance, and more are back in the second season devoted strictly to the lives of gay black men. Follow along with their daily lives in Los Angeles through the good times, the bad, the joys, and the troubles.

DVD Features: All 8 episodes from the second season, alternate scenes, deleted scenes, outtakes, audio commentaries, hidden features, behind the scenes, digisodes, multiple featurettes

The Practice Volume 1

Bobby Donnell heads a struggling Boston law firm with a few junior attorneys and his headstrong receptionist. They take on the normal cases other firms do such as murders, robberies, and rapes but there is a difference. Instead of just defending their clients, they must also deal with their own moral ethics.

DVD Features: Volume one features episodes from both the first and second seasons


A news team heads to South Africa in order to capture footage of a legendary twenty-five foot crocodile. Their danger gets much greater upon their arrival when a drug lord targets them for death and they find out the legends of Gustave are real.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, visual effects, deleted scenes, “Croc-umentary: Bringing Gustave To Life” featurette

Read Robert’s review and see if this horror show is full of croc.

Rat Patrol Season 2

A group of men are in the throngs of battle in this war drama set in North Africa right in the middle of War World II. Armed with jeeps, machine guns, and all the courage they can muster; the men go on exciting and highly dangerous missions to battle their enemy.

DVD Features: All 26 episodes from the second season

Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls

In a mirror-like version of a fairytale; a successful attorney falls in love with a single father of three who also happens to be a janitor. Their relationship and ways of life are threatened though when his ex-wife comes back into the picture and threatens to take the kids away from him.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, extended scene, “Atlanta Aquarium: Working Underwater” featurette, “Introducing The McClain Sisters” featurette

The Verdict: Collector’s Edition

Frank Galvin is a lawyer whose career is quickly going down the tubes and he has nothing going for him anymore. With nothing left to lose in his own life, he takes a medical malpractice case, where all parties were ready to settle, to trial in order to punish the guilty and get his credibility back.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, “Paul Newman: The Craft Of Acting” featurette, “Sidney Lumet: The Craft Of Directing” featurette, behind the scenes, making of

Walker Texas Ranger Season 3

Chuck Norris returns for a third season as Cord Walker, a Texas ranger with right frame of mind and the martial arts skills to bring criminals to justice.

DVD Features: All 26 episodes from the third season

Check out Robert Sutton’s review here.

Welcome Back Kotter Season 1

A compassionate teacher is all grown up and returns back to his inner-city high school of James Buchanan High to teach a remedial class. Things slowly turn troublesome as he realizes that some of the students are exactly like he was when he was in school.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the first season

What’s Happening Now!! Season 1

Jumping seven years ahead from all their crazy times on What’s Happening, Raj, Rerun, Dwayne, Dee, and Shirley are all grown up and living their lives well. But that doesn’t mean that some crazy things can’t happen, especially where Rerun is concerned.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the first season