Make Movement: Never Thought That Would Happen


I wonder why some of us (including myself) didn’t decide a long time ago to stop wondering why Vince McMahon does some of the things he does on WWE programming. Keeping in mind, that the The Sopranos finale apparently disappointed the WORLD, McMahon wanted one of two things to happen: have a bigger ‘going out’ then The Sopranos in hopes that more people will be talking about him being blown up then the Sopranos ending or he hopes to ‘defy reality’ and return in some Christ-like way. I think my literal reaction was, ‘what the f-ck was that sh-t?’

Even though the stunt was impressive, it completely took away every good thing wrestling wise about the show last night. It was a really good show, and then, it turned into a movie about McMahon’s long walk. Let’s start with, how odd it was to see all the left over talent hanging out in the hallway together in their wrestling gear ( a good portion I couldn’t identify), like someone was waiting for the bell to ring to go to class at school. Even the camera angles started being completely different than the normal wrestling angles.

I’m wondering if there will be outrage…I fall under the category of people who want to see less cartoony-bullsh*t and more emphasis on the storylines in the ring. Maybe McMahon is still upset that Stone Cold’s movie failed at the box office? I think of all the crazy stuff we’ve witnessed this far and blowing up on TV when so many people have died in this business really takes it for me. Is Vince going to have his presumed funeral on the air? Are we going to have more tributes on the air? If Vince’s character really ‘dies’ doesn’t that mean he will truly never go away? What was with the announcers saying nothing and it fading out? If your CEO blows up in a limo, doesn’t that ask for a reaction? What if someone does die, and we have to do a tribute, is Vince going to still speak for it?

I just prefer the non-movie version of wrestling, but that’s just me. Some people got drafted last night off the show, ya know, The Great Khali to Smackdown (thank God), Lashley to RAW (though he was practically a RAW superstar anyway) and Mr. Kennedy to RAW (thrilled) and some others, but the show stealer was the ‘who killed Mr. McMahon’ limo blowing up bit.

There are going to be reactions all over the map, and I know my fellow Pulse Wrestling writers will have some opinions on last night.

Always remember, for things to change, you have to make movement. Thanks for reading and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at