Missing Links on McMahon, McMahon, McMahon, McMahon… oh and Ashley, Helms and JR!


WWE.com just posted a video statement, read by Ed Kauffman, EVP and General Counsel of the company. On the video, which you can watch here, Kaufman says:

On behalf of the McMahon family, I would like to thank everyone who has sent their support and best wishes over the past week. Federal authorities are currently investigating the events that took place on June 11 and we hope to get some answers shortly. As many of you can understand, this is a very difficult situation for the McMahon family and no family members wish to make a statement during this period of bereavment. Nonetheless, the McMahon family does want to assure the public, in keeping with the vision Mr. McMahon created, the company and the show will go on. We trust that the press and the public will continue to honor the McMahon family’s privacy.

Other WWE.com headlines on the Mr. McMahon limo explosion include: Feds expand investigation; Lead Investigator to Address Media Thursday; Outpouring Continues; Eyewitness Views and more…

Wilkes-Barre Township Police Chief Robert Brozowski was quoted in the local Citizens Voice saying “The end result is everybody thought it was real, and we got inundated with calls about the homicide that doesn’t exist … It comes down to the old adage you don’t always believe what you see on TV … Vince lives on … I wish him a speedy recovery. I’m sure he’s sitting in a nice hotel room in Trump Plaza laughing like a bastard.”

Other press who have covered the incident include the Times Leader, Broadcasting & Cable and The Sporting News.

In unrelated news, Ashley has posted a blog on MySpace about being suspended and Jim Ross’ two newest blog posts went up on June 9 and June 11, both prior to the explosion on RAW.

Finally, in the most important and must-read of all of today’s Missing Links, Gregory Helms has finally spoken about his recent neck surgery. On his MySpace blog he says a lot, including this bit of insight into how he was feeling when he finally realized he needed an MRI: “Smackdown was being filmed, but instead of being where I belonged, here I was in this torture chamber device! MRI’s are just horrible to begin with and I was in this coffin-like contraption for 35 mins and 25 mins respectively. In pain the whole time, so much so that I had to get shot up with some kind of muscle relaxer because of the spasms. Still thinking, hoping, and praying that it’s just some kind of muscle tear and/or pinched nerve. But when I got out, by the time I got dressed, the results from the first test where in. I remember the words exactly, ‘What you are dealing with is essentially a broken neck, and one of your vertebrae is digging into your spinal cord.’ I was devastated. People that know me, know that I never got into wrestling for the fame or the money. I got into because I f*cking love it!!! Plain and simply, no bullshit. And now, after almost 17 years of beating myself up, of living my dream, of overcoming every damn obstacle possible, it might all come to an end. It was heart wrenching for me. And I’m no sap, I don’t cry often and I didn’t cry here. But later when I had to tell my father, the man who introduced me to, and was responsible for my love of wrestling, when I had to tell him what had happened, I’ll be honest. I cried.” The rest is just as great a read, so check it out.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.