Q: Do you think Chris Benoit is happy now that he has been traded to ECW or do you think it’s a step down for him?–Matt Wilson, Philadelphia, PA

A: Good question Matt. After watching ECW last night I seriously doubt that Chris Benoit is happier now than he was on Smackdown. This has nothing to do with the quality of his opponents and everything to do with their color.

Benoit is a well known racist and was sick to his stomach over having to work with MVP for the past 4 months. The reason why the best of three falls match which Benoit lost to MVP went only two falls was because Benoit did not want to spend another five minutes in the ring with a proud African American. While he initially believed that a move to ECW would be a change in the ‘white’ direction, he found himself on his first night back competing against the two darkest black men in all of the WWE, Marcus CorVon and Elijah Burke.

Besides that it’s basically the same deal. ECW guys travel with the Smackdown guys so Chris is still on the same schedule, but now he’s on an obscure show on an obscure network in a late time slot instead of on a national network in prime time. I’m sure he’s thrilled.

GRUT’s answers do not reflect reality because GRUT is a jackass and Chris Benoit is not a racist.