AAA has announced the line-up of TripleMania XV: The New Era, to be held on the 15th July at the 17,000 capacity El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos in Naucalpan. The main event is La Parka, Latin Lover, Zorro and a mystery partner against Paul Wight, Sabu, Head Hunter and Ron Killings, with Amy “Lita” Dumas managing Wight’s team. There are, inevitably, complications. Sabu’s 90-day WWE non-compete clause will still be in effect when the show airs on Mexican TV and then in the USA two weeks later, so he is not yet a lock for the show. Wight has said he has no more interest in wrestling, even turning down a recent offer to return to WWE after their injury scares, and so he is not yet a lock for the show either. Wight would definitely work the show if Hulk Hogan did, which is why AAA is still billing a mystery partner in the match. They were negotiating with Hogan but he turned them down. Sources say he might change his mind but that would be a longshot. WWE producers were told the one person who was ‘off limits’ with regards to booking people for Vince McMahon Appreciation Night on Raw was Hulk Hogan, so clearly the burnt bridges there have yet to be rebuilt. The semi-final sees The Hell Brothers (Cibernetico, Chessman & Charly Manson) take on El Legion Extranjea, a.k.a. The Foreign Legion (Mesias, Kenzo Suzuki & Sean Waltman), with Konnan and Alicia “Ryan Shamrock” Webb managing the Legion team.

Konnan is expected to finally get his kidney transplant in the first week of July.

CMLL fired a prelim wrestler called Danger for posting a video of Mistico unmasked on YouTube.

Scott Steiner, his wife Christina Rechsteiner and Jeremy Borash have been staying in Puerto Rico until Steiner is allowed to fly back to the USA. Rechsteiner had been in Nashville for most of May, staying at bedside with Jill Jarrett before her death.

ROH say that they are not going to recognise the NWA title even if Bryan Danielson wins it. They won’t book him to protect his status as world champion if it comes to pass.

Buddy Rose has an autobiography, Shoot to Work, due out in the autumn.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 13th June 2007 (click here for subscription information)

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