Hostel: Part II – Review

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Eli Roth


Lauren German Beth
Heather Matarazzo Lorna
Bijou Phillips Whitney
Roger Bart Stuart
Richard Burgi Todd
Jay Hernandez Paxton
Vera Jordanova Axelle

Rating: R
Running Time: 93 Minutes

Hostel: Part II does what not many films, horror or not, do as a sequel picks up exactly where the last film left off. Paxton is the last one remaining of his friends after they took a vacation to Europe for some fun and good times. They were taken to a factory in Slovakia after being scouted, so to speak, at the hostel they were staying in. His friends were paid for and slaughtered and Paxton escaped with his nightmares and having to stay on the run and in hiding. As other films have taught us, you can’t escape death when your time is up.

Beth, Lorna, and Whitney are three American college girls attending university in Rome, but still enjoy a little fun so they’re off for a weekend in Prague. A friend they know from class named Axelle convinces them that going to a spa in Slovakia would be much more relaxing then just partying in Prague. They agree and it’s off to a hilltop spa where their minds and bodies can relax.

Things start off wonderfully until they check into the hostel in Slovakia that fans of the first film will recognize along with the creepy desk clerk. It is then that their passport photos and information are sent out to an elite group of men around the world, and after a frenzy-filled auction, the girls belong to the highest bidder. A little bit of lying, trickery, and dumb moves on their parts bring the girls face to face with their buyers and it’s not for a fun-filled night of passion either.

As a sequel, I have to admit that it doesn’t much live up to what the definition of a “sequel” actually is. Sure there are a few references to the first film and even a couple recurring characters, but it is virtually Hostel all over again but with 3 females instead of 3 males. Seriously that is exactly what this film is and except for the change in gender, there isn’t much of anything new you’re going to see that you didn’t in the first one.

Well, that’s not exactly true because like I started out saying, Hostel: Part II did something very well that I was extremely disappointed with in Hostel. They showed the gore and horror the trailers advertised. Tarentino and Roth followed through with their promise that this one would be much better then the first, and in some respects they were right. Unlike Hostel, when someone was about to get maimed or disfigured, the camera didn’t pan away right at the last second and leave you let down. This time you squirmed because you knew what was about to happen and then you saw it happen and you immediately reached for the body part you just witnessed get destroyed.

Hostel: Part II is a fun way to waste an hour and a half even though you’ve already seen it if you watched the first film. I must admit that being a born and current resident of New Orleans, to hear what goes on in my city compared to that of Chad and Slovakia; well that just touches a part of me deep inside that makes me laugh. There’s some more nudity, and even some dudity, though if you’re not into strictly checking out some gore. So don’t worry hornballs, you won’t be disappointed. And for anyone who has seen Welcome To The Dollhouse, you can’t possibly pass up the chance of seeing Weinerdog naked now can you?

Oh and one more thing. As for the “most terrifying ending in a horror movie in years,” so says one of the trailers. Gentlemen brace yourselves.