A Moment's All I Ask – 6.14.07

Since American Idol is over, my column is shifting back to my thoughts on the music that I find (or that finds me), and whatever else is going on the musical world. Recently, I had a chance to interview Cyndi Lauper for my online publication called OutImpact. Here’s an excerpt, to read the rest, please visit OutImpact.com:

Bambi Weavil: Do you have anyone new on the music scene you’d like to work with?

Cyndi Lauper: There are so many great new artists. I hope to be writing with Beth Ditto while we are on tour together. Love Rufus Wainright… also on the tour. Would like to work with Scissor Sisters.

Some interesting samples I heard this morning that I want to pass on—might be worth checking out:

Scritti Politti, some of the pioneers of the new wave, have come out with a 2006 release called White Bread Black Beer. The samples I heard gave me a very confessional punk rock sound that I enjoyed, especially “No Fine Lines” with the lyrics: “When do my friends come over?/ What matters now though, is can we reach the window sill?”

I tend to love jazz on occasions when I’m over-worked, feeling extra artistic or I’m drinking coffee, and my jazz sample find of the day is Jimmy Forrest’s Out of the Forrest. I would like to see electronica or artists like Thievery Corp play with his music and make it in contemporary for experiment’s sake.

The most surprising sampler find of my day was Glen Phillips’ Mr. Lemons. Just by first glance I wouldn’t expect you to know who Glen is, but when you hear his voice you will recognize him as the former lead man of Toad the Wet Sprocket. It’s very similar to that sound, but the surprise track for me was an imaginative sexy blues cover of Huey Lewis & the News’ “I Want a New Drug.”

YouTube Video of the Week:

Stone Sour’s “Made of Scars” (live) video – incredible energy from the entire band and the audience.

Thanks for reading, make your moment your breakthrough.