Castlevania Gets New Director

Credit: Variety

Originally slated to be helmed by Paul W.S. Anderson until he went off to direct Death Race, the film off of the Konami video game Castlevania will now be brought to life by Sylvain White (Stomp The Yard).

Rogue will release the film which begins shooting in late fall in Romania and South Africa. Anderson had already written one script when it was thought he was directing. But now due to the change, Anderson will work on a script rewrite with White to change things more to the director’s vision.

Castlevania‘s story will stem right from the video game series. A Transylvanian knight leads his men into a gothic castle to seek refuge from the Turkish army. The men soon discover that the castle they chose to hide out in belongs to the original vampire Vlad the Impaler. It is then that the Belmont family (hopefully led by Simon) must do whatever they can to defeat Vlad forever.

Having played many of the games, White was already a fan. “Most of the vampire films have been present or set in the future, from ‘Blade’ to ‘Underworld,’ and I was attracted by the chance to make a dark, epic period movie that almost has an anime feel to it.

The film is set for release sometime in late 2008.