Random News Explosion on Little Johnny, Big Jesse & More

Some news to get you through the evening:

– According to WrestlingObserver.com, Jesse Ventura is currently in Stamford, CT, visiting WWE headquarters and meeting with Vince McMahon.

– In other news, the Mr. McMahon “investigation” continues, according to WWE.com, PLUS there was a surprise vigil. That’s VIGIL not VIRGIL.

– Matt Hardy’s MySpace blog has been updated, and despite Mr. McMahon’s demise, he seems pretty happy. Maybe he’s getting paid extra for being on RAW’s house shows this coming weekend (or at least he’s still booked there as of now, according to Meltzer)?

– One final note that couldn’t be ignored: in a WorldWrestlingInsanity.com interview, John Heidenreich revealed that “Little Johnny” was his inner child, not his penis.

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