Contradicting Popular Opinion: 15.06.07

Contradicting Popular Opinion:
An Enquiry Concerning Why Your Favorite Movie Sucks


We’re going to short and random this week.


Because it is what I feel like doing. It’s been a busy week, and I have a 4 year old.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Sandman?

I haven’t written much about Spider-Man 3, mostly due to ambivalence and confusion. I understand a lot of folks don’t feel it to be the proper follow-up to Spider-Man 2.

Maybe it isn’t.

But maybe, just maybe it is the proper follow-up to The Sound of Music.

On the simplest level, both have song and dance numbers. There is also an inexorable link between the franchises in Nicholas Hammond. Hammond, of course, played Friedrich von Trapp in The Sound of Music and Spider-man in the ’70s tv series.

Lets compare

Spider-Man 3 has the gruff Captain Stacy; The Sound of Music has the gruff Captain von Trapp.

In each film, the Captain’s daughter dates an innocent enough kid who becomes a villain in the third act. For those keeping score Rolfe is to Liesl as Gwen is to Venom.

All of this leads us to
Peter Parker = Friedrich
Eddie Brock = Rolfe
Gwen Stacy = Liesl

I guess Aunt May is filling the part of Mother Abbess. And Thomas Haden Church might fulfil the Julie Andrews role. (This is where it gets complicated.) Which leaves Bruce Campbell as the irrepressible Gretl.

Really, the only thing that sets the films apart is a significant lack of National Socialism in Spider-Man 3. Perhaps the black suit was really a Nazi.

I guess we’ll never know.

The Way to do X4

I LiveJournaled this thing. It is how to make X-men 4. The idea is to both acknowledge and apologize for the last picture, while writing off the dead characters, and those staring their own franchises.

I think it could work, and be made on the cheap. But then again, I might be nuts.

In a couple of weeks, hopefully, I’ll have another surprise interview for y’all.
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