The Hot Seat: Rob Blatt

Rob Blatt has been at the core of Pulse Wrestling since Inside Pulse’s launch. Not only does he contribute columns and podcasts, but he does a bulk of the graphic work on Inside Pulse and is our resident Podcast tech department.

Blatt has won an Emmy, but limped away from the Hot Seat with a disappointing 2 out of 5. It took him nearly 2 and a half years, but he’s mustered the courage to give it another go. Will he fare better this time or end up being scorched?

1) As you know, we always start out with geometry – in which quadrant would the point (-1, -3) appear in?

Blatt: you know I took calculus I twice in college and calc II 3 times? I think it’s the bottom left

Hot Seat Judges: This is correct, that point appears in quadrant 3, which is the bottom left.1 out of 1

2) Each week you do live coverage of WWE’s version of ECW with Blatt vs ECW – which of these wrestlers has never been ECW champion – a) Justin Credible b) Rhino c) Rob Van Dam d) Sabu e) Tommy Dreamer

Blatt: Hmmm… Sabu beat Funk for the title, Credible was champion in 2000 and he beat Tommy Dreamer for the title.Rob Van Dam was the ECW 2.0 champion. Rhino was the last ECW champion. I suppose for the question we’ll go with Rob Van Dam because he was the only guy to now be a champion in the original ECW.

Hot Seat Judges: That’s what we were actually going for, and the judges thank you for going along with the unclear phrasing. The writer who was in charge of this question has been terminated. 2 out of 2

3) You and Widro worked on most of the logos for the Inside Pulse zones. Put these logos that were designed by Widro in order of quality, from highest to lowest – a) Reality Dish b) Beyond The Threshold c) Not a True Ending d) Prime Time Pulse e) Pulse Wrestling/Inside Pulse f) Tailgate Crashers

Blatt: You’ve outed me. I don’t think that the readers knew that I’d done any graphics work for the site. This one’s difficult. Prime Time Pulse, Tailgate Crashers, reality Pulse Wrestling, Not a True Ending. NATE is last despite my love of Bubble Bobble. EECFG!

Hot Seat Judges: Unfortunately you left out BTT which renders your whole answer incomplete and thus wrong. 2 out of 3

4) In your podcast Kendo Sticks and Microphones you talk wrestling each week. In 50 words or less, discuss what your show might be like on the 10 year anniversary of the Bret Hart screwjob this November, with some perspective as to how it impacted the business 10 years later.

Blatt: Well, my show is ECW focused. If it’s brought up on ECW then it might get some coverage on the show, but otherwise it’ll be business as usual. In terms of how I feel about it, I reference you to my favorite Extreme album: III Sides to Every Story.

Hot Seat Judges: Cop out. 2 out of 4

5) And finally, a popular frozen treat for the summer is a Bomb Pop, which has three traditional layers of color and flavor. What are the three colors, what order are then in and what flavors are they?

Blatt: That would be the colors of the American flag. They don’t run on the flag, but they sure as hell run on the bomb pomp. Cherry for the red n top, then citrus for the middle, I’ll guess lime for that one and blue raspberry on the bottom. I’ve got a 7 year old nephew, or else I’d never have known those favors. Why is the bomb pop colored like the American flag anyway?

Hot Seat Judges: You had all three colors correct, but the white is actually lemon and not lime. Why is it colored the flag? Why not? What better way to celebrate July 4th than with a Bomb Pop. 2 out of 5

It took over 2 years, but Rob Blatt returned to the fiery throne and came out… with the same score as last time. Talk about long term booking! Despite his consistent mediocrity on the Hot Seat, Blatt’s writing is top notch, and shouldn’t be missed.

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2007 Hot Seat Results
Friday June 15 – Rob Blatt – 2 out of 5
Friday June 8 – Jeffrey R Fernandez – 3 out of 5
Friday June 1 – Gregory Wind – 3 out of 5
Friday May 25 – Mike Eagle – 2 out of 5
Friday May 18 – Eric S – 4 out of 5
Friday May 11 – Steve Murray – 2 out of 5
Friday May 4 – Danny Cox – 2 out of 5
Friday March 2 – Kevin Wong – 0 out of 5
Friday February 23 – Scott “Kubryk” Sawitz – 3 out of 5
Friday February 16 – Gordi Whitelaw – 3 out of 5
Friday February 2 – Shawn M Smith – 1 out of 5