Backlash Buyrate, Vengeance & SummerSlam Confusion


Early estimates show WWE Backlash 2007 as having done 197,000 buys, with 126,000 domestic. It’s a disastrous number, which thus far fails to even match last year’s show. That one did 215,000 buys, due in part to Shawn Michaels teaming with God to take on the McMahons, and was the third-least successful PPV of the year behind No Mercy and the glorious December to Dismember. The current buyrate would put Backlash level with No Mercy 2006’s total number of buys. Bear in mind that Backlash was the first PPV to be pushed as a tri-branded event featuring the big names from each roster. Dave Meltzer was kind enough to provide the excuse of Backlash being held just one week before the de la Hoya vs Mayweather boxing PPV. He also reports that company sources say Vince McMahon has admitted that WWE runs too many PPVs and will do ‘just’ 14 in 2008. Cyber Sunday is favourite to get scrapped but One Night Stand and New Year’s Revolution are also in the firing line.

The next PPV, Vengeance, is slated to see all nine titles defended in the ‘Night of Champions’ event. The logical choice for some when it comes to the WWE Championship is to have John Cena defend against Randy Orton, yet Triple H wants Orton protected to build up to their SummerSlam match. Triple H has also been vocal about the Jackass involvement at SummerSlam and wants them scaled back to just one match on the undercard rather than three, which was the plan at one point.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 13th June 2007 (click here for subscription information)