Who Runs WWE with Mr. McMahon Gone?


WWE.com has a funny article up asking who’s the boss of WWE now that Mr. McMahon has been presumed dead. Some candidates listed in the article?

– WWE CEO Linda McMahon
– Shane McMahon
– Stephanie McMahon
– WWE COO Michael Sileck
– The Board of Directors
– Board Member Lowell P. Weicker
– No One

WWE.com has continued the Mr. McMahon storyline with stories such as a look into the Chairman’s psyche, a note on his limo being impounded and more…

…WWE.com’s newest episode of HEAT looks at John Cena’s RAW debut in 2005, Orton vs. Edge at Vengeance 2004, HHH vs. Shelton in March 2004 and JBL vs. Taker in June 2005.

WWE>com of course has a REAL story about Sensational Sherri’s recent passing, which to me looks completely tasteless below the Vince stories and above a “Diva Dish” column.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.