Angle Talks Cena, Batista & MMA

Kurt Angle was on 104.5 with Frank Wycheck, who is on the Nashville station each morning, talking about tomorrow’s TNA Slammiversary.

During the interview, according to a report on, Angle said that he’s negotiating with UFC, BodogFight and EliteXC, said that Cena wasn’t a good wrestler his first two years but is finally getting it, and Batista wouldn’t fit with TNA because despite having charisma, he can’t wrestle or talk and will have a short career.

Wycheck and his Slammiversary opponent James Storm had a tiff over the phone, with Wycheck taunting Storm with Barry Manilow and Storm saying he’s going to mess up Frank’s face.

TNA is doing a lot of local press in Nashville, which is chock full of wrestling this weekend. The fan fest was today, and we have notes from that in our wrestling forum. A lot of TNA stars were at the festival, but not surprisingly, Jeff Jarrett wasn’t there due to family issues.