[NEWS] The Inside Scoop on the 4th Season of The 4400

The 4th season of The 4400 premieres this Sunday, June 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the USA Network. At the end of the third season, Jordan Collier was preparing Seattle for his Promicin shots, promising that everyone’s problems would vanish and make for a perfect world. You can find out if they actually took the shots or not this Sunday.

But if you want more of an inside scoop on the 4th season of the show, then check this out…

– Not everyone reacts the same to the Promicin shots. According to executive producer Ira Behr, we’ll see a lot of different abilities this year—major ones that appear only in a single scene and smaller ones that affect characters throughout the season. The first four episodes of the season focus on what it’s like for these new “converts.”

– In the premiere, you’ll see that three months have passed and that Tom hasn’t heard from Alana at all. However, you will learn her whereabouts before the episode is over.

– Summer Glau was cast in FOX’s new show, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which premieres this fall, but her character, Tess, appears in at least four of the upcoming episodes. After that, who knows. Ira Behr said Summer would love to do both shows if she’s allowed to by FOX.

-Isabelle is fully conscious when the show returns, but we can’t say the same for Shawn.

– Chad Faust is a series regular now, and he may have a new love interest too.

– Billy Campbell’s doing 10 of the 13 episodes. If you’re a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fan, you’ll be gkad to hear that Penny Johnson (aka Kasidy Yates), who also played Sherry Palmer on 24 and the college dean on October Road, has signed on to do this season’s last three hours.

– This season finally answers the question of what the 4400 phenomenon was all about. Executive producer, Ira Behr says: “At the end of season four, we’ll know. A lot of shows won’t do that and then feel like they have enough credence to go on, but we will…Some people will deny that [our explanation] is what it is—even in the writers’ room, there’s still some discussion—but it’s certainly a reasonable facsimile of what happened.”

Credit: Kristin at E!Online

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