Lance Likes RAW (Plus a Shane & Stephanie Update)

In what I found as a surprising — but refreshing — take on last Monday’s RAW, Lance Storm posted the following in his commentary:

Yes Vince is DEAD!! I was shocked to say the least. More shocked that this angle didn’t leak out, than that they killed Vince off (or at least are teasing his death) but still very surprised. I thought his closing promo was very good. The suspense created by Vince not talking was amazing. I was literally on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen. It will be very interesting to see where this goes from here. Vince has been a main stay heel on TV for 10-years now so getting him off for an extended period of time will be very good. As great as Vince was as the tyrannical boss, that character has likely ran its course. He’s been trying to screw his top Baby Face now since Montreal, 10 years ago; it’s time for a change.

My speculation on where this could go. I’d leave him presumed dead and off TV for at least 1-year. When the time is right to bring him back, it could be discovered that after snapping under the pressure, he staged his own death to get away. He has been in seclusion finding his SMILE (for lack of a better term). He could come back as a Baby Face to over rule a heel Linda, Shane, or Steph, or to fire an existing manager and take the helm of the ship once again.

He also talked about the draft, analyzing most of the picks and which people and brands benefited most. You can read it here.

In another note on the Mr. McMahon storyline, continues their coverage by taking a look at Shane & Stephanie’s “Fatherless Day” and there’s surely more to come leading into tomorrow’s RAW…

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