LIVE Coverage of WWE Supplemental Draft will be posting supplemental draft picks for the next four hours, and I’ll be posting updates as often as I can (in between Father’s Day BBQ’d chicken & ribs, of course) here, plus look for lots of discussion in our wrestling forums

First Pick: RAW selects… London & Kendrick!
(I guess after all the hype, tag teams won’t necessarily be split up.)

Second Pick: SD selects… Kenny Dykstra!
(Sucks for (real-life fianceé) Mickie!)

Third Pick: ECW selects… Viscera!
(Extreme Expose trembles in fear)

Fourth Pick: RAW selects… The Sandman!
(Exit ECW, Enter Heat for life!)

Fifth Pick: SD selects… Hardcore Holly!
(I guess he wasn’t Hardcore enough for ECW)

Sixth Pick: ECW selects… The Miz!
(HOORAH!…or not)

Seventh Pick: RAW selects… Khosrow Daivari!
(Reunion with Khali cut short)

Eighth Pick: SD selects… The Major Brothers!
(Is this supposed to replace the HooliganZ?)

Ninth Pick: RAW selects… William Regal!
(HHH gets his buddy back)

Tenth Pick: SD selects… Victoria!
(SD will find out if they can mess with her)

Eleventh Pick: RAW selects… Jillian Hall!
(Remember she had a growth on her face?)

Twelfth Pick: SD selects… Eugene Dinsmore!
(He’s a superhero now…maybe he can be the next S.H.I.T.?)

Thirteenth Pick: ECW selects… Johnny Nitro!
(ECW goes Hollywood)

2007 WWE Draft Recap

Draft Pick #1 (SD): The Great Khali & Runjin Singh (from RAW)
Draft Pick #2 (ECW): The Boogeyman (from SmackDown)
Draft Pick #3 (RAW): King Booker & Queen Sharmell (from SmackDown)
Draft Pick #4 (ECW): Chris Benoit (from SmackDown)
Draft Pick #5 (SD): Torrie Wilson (from RAW)
Draft Pick #6 (SD): Chris Masters (from RAW)
Draft Pick #7 (RAW): Bobbly Lashley (from ECW)
Draft Pick #8 (SD): Ric Flair (from RAW)
Draft Pick #9 (RAW): Gene Snitsky (from ECW)
Draft Pick #10 (RAW): Mr. Kennedy (from SmackDown)

Supplemental Draft Pick #1 (RAW): Brian Kendrick & Paul London (from SmackDown)
Supplemental Draft Pick #2 (SD): Kenny Dykstra (from RAW)
Supplemental Draft Pick #3 (ECW): Viscera (from RAW)
Supplemental Draft Pick #4 (RAW): The Sandman (from ECW)
Supplemental Draft Pick #5 (SD): Hardcore Holly (from ECW)
Supplemental Draft Pick #6 (ECW): The Miz (from SmackDown)
Supplemental Draft Pick #7 (RAW): Khosrow Daivari (from SmackDown)
Supplemental Draft Pick #8 (SD): Brett Major & Brian Major (from ECW)
Supplemental Draft Pick #9 (RAW): William Regal (from SmackDown)
Supplemental Draft Pick #10 (SD): Victoria (from RAW)
Supplemental Draft Pick #11 (RAW): Jillian Hall (from SmackDown)
Supplemental Draft Pick #12 (SD): Eugene Dinsmore (from RAW)
Supplemental Draft Pick #13 (ECW): Johnny Nitro (from RAW)

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