Pulse Wrestling Live Coverage: TNA Slammiversary

InsidePULSE’s TNA Slammiversary Report
Announcers are Don West & Mike Tenay
By: PK

To start the show, we get a pretty cool video package with a history of TNA. At the end, West & Tenay are at a golf course and ‘Tiger Woods’ is going for a putt, but a wrestling boot stops the ball from going into the hole, it’s Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett then drills ‘Tiger’ with a guitar.

We open with the Lo Cash Cowboys performing the Slammiversary theme song.

Latin American Exchange (w/ Konnan) vs. Rhino & Senshi (w/ Hector Guerrero)
Rhino and Homicide start. Back and forth action, and Rhino lifts him up for a powerbomb, and he falls right to the outside. LAX takes over, and continues to double team Senshi. Rhino gets the hot tag, takes out both members of LAX. Hernandez falls to the outside, and Senshi springboards off him. Rhino gores the hell out of Homicide for the pin.
Winners – Rhino & Senshi

Eric Young is looking for Cornette. Borash catches up to him, and Traci Brooks tries to seduce him. Gail Kim takes EY away from Brooks, and kisses him, and tells him to concentrate on his match tonight.

Kevin Nash & ‘Guru’ Sonjay Dutt comes down to the ringside.

Chris Sabin (c) vs. ‘Black Machismo’ Jay Lethal – TNA X-Division Title
Lethal starts out on fire, tosses Sabin to the outside, and then dives on him. Sabin takes over, by spitting in Lethal’s face, and hits a bulldog. Sabin rings Lethal’s neck on the ring ropes, and then stomps away, and hits the sitting Senton for 2. Lethal fights back, blocks a crotch shot, but Sabin pokes him in the eye. Lethal ducks a clothesline, and this a springboard moonsault for 2. Lethal then hits a spinning vertical suplex for 2. Sabin goes for a top rope hurracanranna, but Lethal blocks in. Back in the ring, Lethal nails a weird Fisherman’s Faceplant. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection, then the top rope elbow drop for the pin. Nash comes in the ring to celebrate.
Winner and NEW Champion – Black Machismo

Promo for Wycheck & James Storm.

James Storm and Jackie Moore with New Blonde Girl. Blonde Girl tells Storm that he crossed the line, and egged on the fight. Moore rips Blonde Girl, asking her how much her chest cost.

James Storm & Ron Killings (w/ Jackie Moore) vs. Frank Wycheck & Jerry Lynn (w/ Kyle Vanden Bosch)
This, as you can imagine was a pretty hot match in Nashville. Lynn & Truth start, and Lynn gets beat on for quite a while. Wycheck finally gets in the ring, and tosses Storm & Truth around a bit. Storm fights back, and he and Truth mock Wycheck, and Storm puts a Titans helmet on, and Truth tosses a football at him, and he drops it. Haha. Wycheck brawls, and then drop kicks Storm, and dodges a lariat kick from Truth. Wycheck then chases Truth on the outside, but Storm drills him with a clothesline on the floor. Back in the ring, Storm goes to hit Wycheck with a chair, but the ref stops it. Storm spits beer in Vander Bosch’s face. Lynn & Truth hit a double crossbody block. Storm & Wycheck get tagged in, and hits a series of body slam. Wycheck misses a clothesline on Storm, but drills Truth. Storm then hits the superkick on Wycheck for 2, when Vander Bosch breaks it up. Truth holds up Wycheck for a beer bottle shot from Storm, but Lynn shoves Storm, and Truth gets hit with the beer bottle, and Storm gets a pile driver from Wycheck for the pin.
Winners – Wycheck & Lynn

Recap of Backlund/MCMG.

Alex Shelley vs. Mr. Backlund
Backlund tries to extend his hand, and Shelley finally shakes it. Shelley gets dominated to start. Shelley turns things around, hits some high speed offense, and locks Backlund in a scissors key lock. Backlund rolls out of it, and lifts Shelley out of it, this is an amazing feat for a man of his age. Backlund then hits a Butterfly Suplex, and he follows it with an Atomic Drop. Sabin comes out and pulls Backlunds legs. Shelley distracts the ref, and Sabin goes the top, but Backlund shakes the ropes, and Sabin falls and crotches himself. Backlund rolls up Shelley with a bridge for the pin.
Winner – Mr. Backlund

After the match, Backlund extends his hand, and Shelley shakes it, but Sabin comes from behind and tries to lock on the Crossface Chicken Wing, but Backlund reverses it. Nash makes his way down, followed by Jerry Lynn. Nash stares down everyone, and then boots Lynn.

Christopher Daniels cuts a promo in the crowd, ripping into Sting.

Recap of VKM/Basham & Damaja.

Voodoo Kin Mafa vs. Basham & Damaja (w/ Christy Hemme)
Very quick match. Bashams go for a double suplex on Kip, but BG knocks one of them down with a spear, and then hits a roll-up on him for the pin.
Winners – VKM

After the match, Kip chases Christy, but she runs into Hoyt at the top of the ramp. Hoyt brings her back to the ring, and Kip goes for a choke slam, but Hoyt turns, and big boots Kip.

Rick Steiner in Cornette’s office. He says he has a partner, and he whispers it to Cornette.

Recap of Eric Young/Robert Roode Inc.

Robert Roode (w/ Traci Brooks) vs. Eric Young – Do or Die Match
Very quickly, Roode falls to the outside, and EY flies off the top rope on Roode to the floor. Back in the ring, Roode takes over and dominates. Traci gets in the ring, but EY pants her. EY gets both Traci and Roode on his shoulders, and hits a Death Valley Driver on both! Roode rolls out of the ring, and gets a chair. Traci distracts the ref, while Roode hits EY with a chair for the pin.
Winner – Robert Roode.
Cornette says that he will make this match right, and re-starts the match. Roode beats down on EY, but EY rolls him in and scores the pin!
Winner – Eric Yount!

Team 3D with Borash. Bubba cuts another awesome promo. He says that Rick should have a good partner, and he hopes Scott gets better soon, so he can come back and they can kick his ass.

Team 3D (c) vs. Rick Steiner & Road Warrior Animal – TNA Tag Team Titles
This was a surprisingly good match. Animal had a few quick high power moves. In the end, and quickly, 3D gave the 3D to Rick for the pin.
Winner 0 -.

Recap of Daniels/Sting.

Christopher Daniels vs. Sting
Sting comes down from the rafters on a harness. They quickly fall to the outside. They brawl on the outside. Daniels beats down Sting, and dominates the whole match. He nails a springboard moonsault on the outside. Daniels goes for a Last Rites, but Sting reverses it and nails the Scorpion Death Drop for the pin.
Winner – Sting

Recap of Christian Coalition’s beatdown on Abyss.

Christian, AJ & Tomko backstage. Cage thanks AJ for sacrificing himself in the match for the greater good of the team. Then he tells Tomko to take out Abyss, by any means.

Tomko vs. Abyss – No DQ
They brawl around the whole building to start. Abyss quickly pulls out a bag of tacks. Abyss goes to choke slam Tomko, but Tomko turns it into a spinebuster. Abyss back up, Black Hold Slam for 2. Abyss pulls out the bag of shared glass. Tomko grabs a piece of glass, and rips into Abyss’s forehead. Tomko grabs a barbwire bat, and they fight up the ramp. Abyss climbs up a scaffold, and Tomko climbs up on the stage, and goes to smack Abyss with the bat, but Abyss pulls Tomko off the stage, and he falls though a stack of boxes. Abyss jumps off after him. They make their way back in the ring, Abyss dropping Tomko in a Black Hole Slam on the glass for the pin.
Winner – Abyss

Jeff Jarrett video, which he talks about his wife’s death. He says that since she was his biggest supporter, he is going to take some time off.

Cornette comes out and says that there are only 2 men that he considered giving the final spot to in King of the Mountain. One was Jeff Jarrett, and we all know he won’t be there. So the final wrestler in the match is Chris Harris.

Christian Cage vs. Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Chris Harris – King of the Mountain – TNA Heavyweight Title
Match breaks down very quickly. AJ goes to let Cage pin him, but it gets broken up. Harris in, goes for the Catatonic on Cage, but it gets reversed into an Unprettier, which gets reversed. Harris hits the Catatonic on Styles for the pin, and Harris is now eligible to hang the title, while AJ goes to the penalty box. Cage sets up a ladder on the ring and the crowd barrier. Cage is standing on it, and gets knocked off, and is crotched on the rungs. Harris goes to top, but Angle hits the Olympic Slam off the top, and scores the pin, and is now eligible to hang the title. Joe hits a Muscle Buster on AJ, but the pin gets broken up. Joe locks the choke on Angle, and Angle taps, but the ref is bumped, and Cage breaks up the choke, and pins Angle, and is now eligible to hang the title. Harris tries to climb the ladder, again, but AJ missile drops the ladder, and Harris falls to the outside. AJ and Joe fight on top of the penalty box, and it looks like AJ wants to splash on Harris on the outside. Joe tosses AJ off the box and through the announce table. Harris and Cage are now on the penalty box, and Harris hits a facebuster off the box back in the ring!! Harris hits a leaping clothesline back in the ring on Angle. Harris does the Terry Funk-spin-around-with-ladder-on-head spot. Harris then tries to climb the ladder again, but Cage shoves it down. Cage then tosses the ladder in Harris’s face. Cage goes to climb the ladder, but Angle follows, and locks the Ankle Lock on the ladder! Angle and Cage are on each side of the ladder, and Harris spears Cage off from the top turnbuckle, and Angle hangs the belt.
Winner and NEW Champion – Kurt Angle

Joe goes to shake Angle’s hand, but Angle kicks him in the gut, and nails an Olympic Slam to finish the show.

Show over.