Random Reality – Josh Clinton Interviews Alexis Shubin of Pirate Master

Josh Clinton: Hey Alexis.

Alexis Shubin: Hey. How are you?

JC: I’m doing good. How about you?

AS: Great.

JC: So tell me how does one go from being a fashion publicist to a pirate on a ship?

AS: That’s so funny. Well I work in fashion, but I’m not like a girly girl at all. Like what people usually think of Paris Hilton fashionista. I love fashion and it’s been my job since I starting working, but I can live without makeup and doing my hair and live without all of the frills. I don’t know, when this opportunity came up I couldn’t pass it by. I mean I wasn’t volunteering to clean the heads or doing all of the other gross stuff on the ship, which I guess makes me a little bit more of a snob but we were all brought there for a reason.

JC: Right. When the ship is not setting sail for an expedition, where exactly does the ship go?

AS: We would just cruise around. It was pretty much when we were going to one expedition to another, we would go to different points on the Caribbean island of Dominica. We would usually sail during the day or at night to the next location. And then depending on whether we were swimming to shore or boating to shore, we would anchor a few miles off the coast.

JC: How active is the host on this show? Does he just come in to film the TV stuff?

AS: He definitely has more interaction with us than Jeff Probst on Survivor, who just shows up. But he was there for the “Pirate’s Court” and the expeditions. He is fairly involved. We got know to him and he’s really a super great guy. So it was fun to have him around.

JC: That’s cool. So I assume everyone was required to dress like a pirate on the ship then. What was that like?

AS: Yeah, it’s funny because in my real life I dress more like a modern day pirate. I think it’s kind of trendy now with the skulls and the cross bones and the black finger nails and stuff. The clothes were cool, but I hated the corset that they put me in to do whatever they did. A lot of the girls got into it, but I wanted to be as comfortable as humanly possible. It was what it was. I think they wanted to make it looke more historical than super trendy.

JC: Yeah. Did you have a specific strategy that you wanted to use going into the game?

AS: No, I didn’t really. I never really was a reality TV show watcher. I kinda just wanted to feel everything out and get a feel of the people and the situations. A lot of the people did have major strategies going in, but I just winged it. I think a lot of people were really politically correct in the beginning. A lot of that you don’t see, though, because what you saw in the “Pirate’s Court” is everyone getting real political and confrontational. I was just honest. I didn’t stop myself from not saying anything to protect myself like a lot of people were. I just put it out there.

JC: Right. Why do you think Azmyth had it out for you?

AS: I don’t like Azmyth did have it out for me. I think when it came down to the tiebreaker vote it was based on the conversations he had, and his own take on who should stay and who should go. But I don’t think he had a personal vendetta against me or anything.

JC: What was up with his accent? Was he serious?

AS: Azmyth is such a goofball! Azmyth is an actor or wants to be one. So who really knows. It was the biggest joke to all of us. We were all joking, had it been a really good British accent it would have been cool but it was like the worst accent ever. **laughing** So he just kinda looked really silly, and a lot people where wondering what the heck he was doing. Everyone has there own little thing. It was almost like he was on an audition, which is his gig in life so who knows.

JC: Right. So why was Azmyth chosen has the captain of the ship this time around over someone like Louie?

AS: I think there was a debate for Louie to be the captain before, but Louie is such a hard worker and enjoyed working with the crew. So being in the captain’s position is a tough spot, because you have all of the perks but you also create a diversion among the crew that they didn’t want to have anything to do with you. Joe Don kinda set the bar and played the crew as the boss guy, and Azmyth played it more as the “people’s captain” and played it very differently.

JC: Why do you think Joe Don wasn’t put up for elimination this past week then?

AS: I think pretty much what was said on the show. I could have either taken the snake’s head or the snake’s tail. Neither was lesser the evil. Joe was the captain, so he seemed a little more evil. But Cheryl positioned herself away from the crew more, where Ben tried to be in between. Cheryl definitely played the elitist and didn’t interact with us. She just sat in the corner and really was a bitch.

JC: Right. How shady is Jay exactly?

AS: Jay is super shady! He actually plays the game really well, though. I really liked Jay intially, but then I started realizing what was really going on. Now he’s one of my least favorite people on the show. I’m not a fan of him as a character on the show or as a person in real life. He really is kind of a prick. But he went in there with a specific strategy and was very calculating. But Jay screwed a lot of people on the show.

JC: Yeah, that’s an interesting strategy he has. Last week, we also saw Sean take a bribe from Jay to not vote you off the show. But then he went back on his word and threw the vote anyways.

AS: Yeah. I don’t think he really wanted to be in that position, because there was a bunch of politics going on before that “Pirate’s Court”. I actually didn’t know that they were pushing so hard to keep me. But I guess Sean just decided to leave the vote up to the captain.

JC: So do you think that will make Sean a target for next week with him going back on his word after taking the bribe?

AS: I don’t think that will make him a target for that reason. There are a lot of other reasons worthy of making him a target than that. But I don’t really know.

JC: Right. Was there any romance happening on the ship while you there? We saw that Azmyth and Jupiter may have something going on between them.

AS: Yeah, there was some romance happening on the ship. I can’t really say, though, because I don’t really know if they are going to air it or not. Nothing super intense, though. Probably not what you expect, but then again based on our characters on the show you could probably figure it out. I don’t even know, because I think the romance was happening while I was there and it hasn’t been shown yet. But yeah, there will be at some point more than likely.

JC: Cool. If you could do this show over again, would do anything differently?

AS: It’s hard to say. There were times where it was so hard that you wanted to crawl in a hole and be left alone. Under the circumstances, it just depended on the day. I went in and I didn’t fake it. I didn’t perform and try to play a role. I think that’s why John had his problems. He went in with multiple personalities and everyone was wondering who really is this guy. For me, I didn’t want to get caught up in something and not be able to follow through with it. People just got so wayward with their “this is who I am and this is my deal”.

JC: Right. So what do you plan to do now?

AS: I just came home. It was kinda a difficult adjustment getting home. But now I’m just getting back to work and hanging out with family and friends and enjoying summer and being casual. I went into this show not wanting a career out of this or being a quasi-reality show celebrity, which happens to a lot of people. Other people on the show were banking on what this show could do for them. But who knows at this point. Maybe it will for me or maybe it won’t. I was just content with going through the experience and now I’m just content with going back to my normal life.

JC: Yeah, that sounds good. Well thanks for your time and good luck with everything.

AS: Thank you.

Pirate Master airs on CBS on Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT time all summer long.

Pirate Master airs on the CTV network in Canada on Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT time all summer long.

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