Kace’s Countdown – TNA Slammiversary 2007

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Kace’s Countdown – TNA Slammiversary 2007

For those of you who for whatever reason don’t do podcasts, or just haven’t had the time yet, I made an announcement that for the time being, I’m pretty much ignoring WWE programming. That bad, uneasy feeling I had about the Vince McMahon storyline finally came to fruition this past Tuesday during ECW On Sci Fi when we had Vince presumed dead and the 10 Bell Salute. It came off not only as really bad taste, but also bad TV. I don’t much care for bad TV. Wheras before in 2006, I grinned and beared it with Dana Fairbanks Losing The Light, because for me, that was The L Word’s only real black eye on an otherwise awesome show (and having interviewed Ilene Chaiken last year, I understand the storyline concept and everything…I just didn’t agree with it having to happen, especially to that character), in 2007 it’s WWE, who have had its share of boneheaded moments and storylines that were so bad, they caused me to not watch for periods of time. This time around, it’s quite possibly their lowest. It almost makes the Raw after Survivor Series 2001 seem tasteful by comparison. Whenever the Vince storyline’s resolved, I might give it a look again, but for now I’m just interested in a ‘Rasslin’ show. So here I am watching a Pay Per View event featuring a promotion I’ve not really paid as much attention to for some time now. I think in light of WWE’s McMahon storyline, TNA knew that this show was pretty big and screwing up a chance to win over some jaded fans would not be wise. How did they do? I’ll get to that after I’m done with the Top 10 Moments of Slammiversary.

But first…

Other Stuff

The NWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament is still going and once the 1st Round is completed, I’ll try to see if I can find the matches online, watch ’em and give my review of the Round overall.

ROH may be on Pay Per View, but not on DirecTV, so for now I’m still unable to watch on TV. While these guys are out doing their thing and winning over new fans with each show, it’d be great if they could make it down here where I’m at, ’cause I’d definetly attend. Then again, we’re more of a ‘rasslin’ crowd here than we are an, “OMG WE RULZ EVRTHNG ELSE SUXXORS LOL,” crowd. Or for the easily offended, the, “I do say, we are better than the rest of you, ha ha ha, ha ha…ha ha,” crowd. League affiliation doesn’t really matter as much…if it’s a wrestling show, it’s a wrestling show. Hopefully ROH won’t mind that so much and eventually come on down to North Carolina, filled with fans wearing John Cena shirts and merchandise with other mainstream stars, past and present.


The Kace Evers Podcast is up for your listening pleasure. It’s also the last one ’til August as I take my annual Summer sabbatical from recording shows. Listen to it if only for no other reason than the fact that Mikey Fitzgerald’s part of it. And Mikey’s cool. So listen to Mikey!

Iain Burnside answers questions. He also miscatagorizes, “faithful,” and, “stupidity,” for the show not retardedly fake killing people. TNA: Guilty of bad booking? Sure, but really who isn’t or hasn’t? But he’s still a cool guy, ’cause as wrestling companies aren’t exactly perfect, neither are the rest of us.

Top 10 Moments Of TNA Slammiversary 2007

Also Ran Moments & Other Notes

It’s nice of Don West to acknowledge that he’s somehow made it all the way to this point, despite no one really thinking he’d make it. At least he has a sense of humor about it.

Kevin Nash is still a treat on the mic. The Jim Jones comment caused a chuckle.

Nice to see Bob Backlund can still go at 58. The postmatch stuff also sets up an intriguing storyline involving Nash’s cast of misfit toys and possible infighting.

Lance Hoyt turns his back on BG & Kip James, joining Christy Hemme’s now building stable of herself, Basham and Damaja. Nice to see Hoyt’s still employed.

Eric Young Vs. Robert Roode has been a fun feud to pay attention to, even with most of the rest of TNA having been whatever during the time. Last night’s match was no exception, complete with good action, Traci Brooks getting pantsed and then both Traci and Robert being slammed off the top rope by Eric.

Road Warrior Animal arrived, looking like an angry old man with facepaint and a missing tanktop. I’d say the glory days are long gone there. Kudos to Team 3D as they appeared to mark out in appreciation of Animal’s involvement in the tag team match between Team 3D and the team of Rick Steiner & Animal (subbing for the injured Scott Steiner).

Christopher Daniels Vs. Sting could make for a nice morality play if they keep it going long enough. Seeing Sting come down from the rafters again was a nice piece of nostalgia.

Travis Tomko and Abyss beat each other up in a mostly inoffensive brawl, with thumbtacks, glass shards and cardboard boxes all getting involved.

#10 – Hector Guerrero Assists Rhino & Senshi In Defeating The Latin American Xchange

It was a nice opener to get things started on the Pay Per View, with Rhino and the former Low Ki defeating Hotstuff Hernandez and Homicide in a tag match. Konnan, who at least is standing now was at ringside for his LAX team, while Hector Guerrero was at ringside for the opposing team. Konnan’s got beef with Hector and by the end of this match, he’d have even more beef with him, as Hector would wrest away the blackjack from Homicide, leading to a Gore from Rhino and the pinfall. With his job in assisting done, it would be back to the Espanol booth for Hector. For Konnan, there would be Hell to pay for the enemy.

#9 – Kurt Angle Wins King Of The Mountain, Attacks Samoa Joe Postmatch

The crowning of the 1st Official TNA World Heavyweight Champion should probably be at or near the top. Well…it isn’t. In fact, it’s fortunate to be on this list at all. The match was alright, but not great and Kurt’s win seemed almost anticlimactic. His rivalry with Samoa Joe intensified after the match with Joe offering the sportsmanship handshake and Kurt attacking and slamming him instead. In Kurt’s defense, it’s possible he may have thought he was in the ring with Rikishi.

#8 – Gail Kim Intervenes, Kisses Eric Young

The Post-Team Canada story of Eric Young continues. Backstage before the match, Jeremy Borash tries to interview Eric before he’s to do battle with Robert Roode for his freedom. Traci Brooks, Robert’s manager and galpal interrupts, looking to once again work her charms on Eric. This time, however it’s Gail Kim to the rescue looking to make sure that Eric doesn’t allow Ms. Brooks to once again distract him. In either a sign of affection or distraction, she kisses him on the lips and walks away…with Eric soon following and Traci’s plan not working. The feud between Traci and Gail continues to get personal.

#7 – Frank Wycheck Nearly Kills James Storm

Jerry Lynn and Frank Wycheck team up to take on James Storm and Ron Killings in a tag match. Wycheck, with no real wrestling experience of note, is at least taught one move by Lynn and that’s the Cradle Piledriver. The match ends with Wycheck delivering a devastating variation of the move on Storm, causing Storm to bend almost unnaturally in the process. Needless to say, Wycheck got the pin afterwards.

#6 – Latin American Xchange Attack Hector Guerrero

Hector is back at the Espanol booth, helping out on commentary. He’s already been involved in the opening match, aiding Rhino & Senshi over the LAX team of Hotstuff Hernandez & Homicide. Konnan, LAX’s team leader and revolutionary is none too pleased with this and leads an LAX ambush on Hector from behind. The beating is brutal and only shown briefly on TNA cameras, but the message is made clear by Konnan. That message being, “The fight isn’t over until we say so.”

#5 – Jay Lethal Defeats Chris Sabin To Become TNA X Champion

Jay’s going the distance with his Randy Savage tribute schtick and the fans continue to embrace him. How long can the gimmick last before it burns out on the audience? One can only guess. For now, though he’s enjoying the ride and doing what he can to entertain in the ring. Lethal Vs. Sabin was entertaining. Don’t ask me to give a star rating, though…that ain’t for me. If I like it, I like it. I don’t, I don’t. And this match…I liked it. So there.

#4 – Football Mockery

In the early portion of the tag match between the team of Jerry Lynn & Frank Wycheck and the team of Ron Killings & James Storm, Killings and Storm had an advantage. With both teams back to their corners, Storm brought forth a Tennessee Titans helmet and put it on. Killings then brought forth a football and together, Ron and James improvised a nice bit of comedy with Killings throwing the ball Storm who goofishly drops it, mocking Wycheck’s Tight End career in the NFL (including of course his years with the Titans). James would wind up paying the price by the end of the match, but for now at least he was able to produce a good laugh out of the whole thing.

#3 – Christian’s Coalition Backstage

Christian Cage, AJ Styles and Travis Tomko are interviewed before their upcoming matches. For Tomko, it was about his match against Abyss where there’s no disqualification. For Christian and AJ, it was about the King Of The Mountain. AJ, for whatever reason still has the follower complex going with Christian at this point and Christian in all his comedic glory shows his appreciation. Tomko meanwhile doesn’t seemed too enthused as the undertone of a possible feud down the road between Cage and Tomko carries on. Travis also had a string hanging out of his trunks and it was…a bit distracting…especially when it wobbled momentarily. Sorry…couldn’t help but notice.

#2 – Jeff Jarrett’s Interview

Jeff comments on the success of TNA still being around 5 years later, while tearfully reflecting on everything, including his recently passed wife, Jill. Everything’s heartfelt and somber as he explains why he’s not doing much in the ring anymore. Seeing that one photo of him with the long hair brought back some memories, both Memphis and WWF alike.

#1 – Jim Cornette Saves Eric Young, Young Defeats Robert Roode

Roode & Brooks almost screwed Young out of a win and a job. Cheating leads to Robert getting the pinfall victory on Eric, which leads to Robert publicly firing Eric. Jim Cornette, TNA’s head officer enters into the picture and announces that the match much restart, due to the chicanery of Roode and his associate, Traci. With that, Eric gets a Small Package for the pinfall victory and the fans go wild. This is pretty much TNA’s top storyline for me, so forgive the bias. Then again if I were unbiased, there’d be no list to begin with.

Overall, a great show. Others may disagree, but eh well. I enjoyed it and that’s really all that matters.

I’ll see you again Tuesday Night, LIVE on BCNI-FM for the Kace Evers Experience. If you have Second Life, join us at Nefetiti Island from 6 to 9 PM Eastern and have a good time. Or something like that. Otherwise, you can just enjoy the show by listening on my MySpace Thingy for those of you on Internet Explorer. After that, we’ll meet back up here for my first countdown for TNA Impact sometime this coming Weekend.

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