Pulse Wrestling Live Coverage: WWE Raw

Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Raw Report
Live from Richmond, Va

We open with a recap of the limo explosion. There were some eye witness accounts. And the federal investigator is shown snooping around. The CEO guy says that show will go on.

Cut to the arena, and Mick Foley is in the ring, and he apologizes for what he said about Mr. McMahon last week. Randy Orton comes out and says that he thinks Foley did it. This brings out King Booker, who then adds that the Federal Investigator is there in Richmond, and that he was seen talking to Bobby Lashley for a long time, and he thinks that Lashley did it. Lashley storms down, and shoves Booker. Cena quickly follows, and he says that he doesn’t want to see the ‘Who Done It’ that Orton & Booker are trying to make this into. Cena says that the McMahon’s want the show to go on, and that is what they will do. Coach then comes out, and he makes Booker & Orton vs. Lashley & Cena. He then makes Foley wrestle tonight, against Umaga.


Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
Haas and London start. Shelton in, he continues to dominate over London. Kendrick gets the hot tag, and takes out Haas. Shelton & London still in the ring, and Shelton goes for a powerbomb, but London hooks him, and they both fall over the top. Kendrick flips through a German Suplex, and hits Sliced Bread #2 for the pin.
Winners – London & Kendrick

The Fed is interviewing Coach.


Wow, Fuel has the official Vengeance theme song. Good to see the new singer is working out for them.

Carlito makes his way down. He says that Mr. McMahon is cool. He then says that in last weeks draft, there were 2 winners, Ric Flair & Torrie Wilson. Because Torrie left heartbroken, and Flair just couldn’t handle anymore of Carlito. The Sandman comes out, and chases Carlito away.


Recap of Cade & Murdoch stealing the Tag Titles from the Hardys.

Cryme Tyme Shopping Network is on the air. They start selling off some of Mr. McMahon’s last possessions, including a half full cup of coffee, the leftovers of his last meal, and the trash can they took it out of. The Fed comes over and wants to ask them a few questions.

Cade & Murdoch are at ringside. JR announces Cade & Murdoch vs. The Hardy’s at Vengeance. Check out the rest of the PPV line-up.

Khosrow Daivari vs. Jeff Hardy
Daivari gets some good offense in, and looks pretty good in this match, but as you can imagine, it ends pretty quick with a Swanton.
Winner – Jeff Hardy

Cade & Murdoch on the mic, say that the Hardy’s betrayed them and all their fans. Jeff leaps on them, and they scuffle.


Coach is on the phone, he says that he has a meeting with Sheik Productions, and doesn’t know what it is. Iron Sheik walks in, and wants his own talk show on Raw. Coach says that he would think about it, and just kind of blows off Sheik. Sheik just rants, and Faarooq comes in and says ‘DAMN.’

William Regal is there, and he introduces himself to Maria. Santino enters, and Maria is happy that Santino didn’t get drafted. Santino introduces himself to Regal, and Regal scoffs at Santino and says ‘Ah, the Italian’ and then walks away. I am so hoping for a Santino vs. Regal match at the PPV.

Todd talks to the Limo Driver. He says that he was on the other side of the lot on his cell phone, because the reception was better. He then breaks down, wondering what would’ve happened if he was there.

Foley walks toward the ring.


Mick Foley vs. Umaga
Why is Armando not with Umaga anymore? That was the best part of Umaga. Foley with a cheap shot, knocks Umaga off the apron before he gets in the ring. They brawl outside, and finally slide in the ring. Foley pummels away in the corner on Umaga. The Ref pulls them apart, and Umaga clotheslines Foley. They fall back outside, the match still hasn’t officially started. Foley knocks Umaga’s head off the announce table, gets a chair, and slaps Umaga over the head, but Umaga is unfazed, and kicks the chair right into Foley’s face. Foley is propped up against the ringsteps, and Umaga does the running ass bump against the ringsteps. The match is thrown out, and medics come down to check on Foley.

A white limo rolls up in the parking lot…hmm…


The staff doctor is checking on Foley. The Fed wants to ask Foley some questions, but the doc kicks him out.

Mr. Kennedy makes his way out. PK’s Prediction: RAW will ruin Mr. Kennedy as fast as it ruined Carlito. Kennedy says that, while he didn’t get along with the SmackDown audience, he doesn’t like the RAW audience at all. He says that they don’t respect the genius that was Mr. McMahon, and no respect for him. He calls Mr. McMahon a friend. He says that he will dedicate his whole career to MISTER Vincent…KENNEDY…McMahon…….McMahon.

The limo is still sitting there.


Melina & Jillian Hall vs. Mickie James & Candice Michelle
Before the match, Jillian dedicates ‘Amazing Grace’ to Mr. McMahon. Candice vs. Melina is added to Vengeance. Heels dominate the beginning of the match, working over Candice. Mickie gets in, and rolls up Melina for 2. Melina then pulls Mickie back in a reverse headlock, and lifts her leg over, and drops a leg drop over Mickie, for the pin.
Winners – Jillian & Melina


CM Punk vs. Marcus Cor Von and Chris Benoit vs. Elijah Burke tomorrow night, with the winners facing each other at Vengeance.

Recap of the limo being soaked down.

Randy Orton & King Booker (w/ Queen Sharmell) vs. John Cena & Bobby Lashley
Booker and Lashley start. They go back and forth, and King & JR say that this is the first time they’ve been in the same ring together. I highly doubt it, since they were both on SD for about a year and a half together. Orton and Cena both tagged in, and Cena & Lashley clear the ring.


We come back, and Booker & Orton are double teaming on Cena. Cena finally gets the hot tag to Lashley. Lashley cleans up on Booker & Orton. Lashley has Booker up in a Torture Rack, but Orton breaks it up. Booker superkicks Cena, turns into a spinebuster from Lashley, who then turns into a RKO for the pin.
Winners – Orton & Booker

The limo door opens, and it’s STEPH!!


Snitsky promo.

Stephanie tells Coach that he did a great job tonight, and says that she is going to the ring.

Vengeance Line-Up is broken down by JR & King:
Edge vs. Batista – World Title
John Cena vs. Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton vs. King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley – WWE Title

Oh, I guess they only care about those.

Stephanie makes her way down, still rocking the Foxy Brown song. She thanks the fans for the sympathy. She announces the 3 Hour Celebration of Mr. McMahon next week. She says that Vengeance may be this Sunday, but she can’t way for true vengeance, when they find out who did this to their dad. Steph then looks up and says ‘I love you Dad’, and starts to cry as she leaves.

Show Over.

The Inside Pulse

  • Brian Kendrick & Paul London defeated The World’s Greatest Tag Team
  • Jeff Hardy defeated Daivari
  • Mick Foley & Umaga was ruled a No Contest
  • Melina & Jillian defeated Candice & Mickie
  • Randy Orton & King Booker defeated Bobby Lashley & John Cena

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