Make Movement: Bad Taste

I’m not a fan of the McMahon death angle and I find it quite upsetting that I have to wait until the second hour of RAW, before the women’s match, for the WWE to acknowledge Sensational Sherri’s death for the TV audience. Basically every person’s fear who is not a fan of the bullsh*t WWE has put out with this angle, happened with Sherri’s shocking passing.

Sensational Sherri was a incredible light in this business; everyone has said she was extremely real and pleasant to be around. She worked as hard as the men, gave a damn and then some, and truly loved the business. Her passing definitely deserved more than a mention during the second hour. I want to also note that I read that Mickie James at a house show last week wore “Sensational” and “Sherri” armbands, and that is a very nice tribute. Sensational Sherri could work the crowd to love or hate her, and any man or woman who wants to be remembered in this business needs to watch her work. As Mr. Perfect would have said, she was and is, truly sensational.

Speaking of women, Mickie got a huge hometown pop (rivaling the Hardy pop from earlier in the night) and still had to do the job. Absolutely insane she’s having to take a back seat to all the other divas but at least Jillian’s on RAW. I’m going to really miss Victoria who is being shuffled to Smackdown.

But as usual, McMahon overshadows RAW with this ridiculously stupid, bad taste ‘federal investigator on McMahon’s death’ angle. I just don’t understand this, considering all the deaths in wrestling, current and past superstars, most at a very early age in life, McMahon still has to go there for his own self-gratification. This has to end, and end soon. There’s nothing good that can come from this. If a current talent passes away like Eddie Guerrero did, while still working for the WWE, will McMahon be brave enough to break kayfabe and go out for a ten-bell salute, and be a blistering reminder of how stupid this angle when real life happens and someone the fans cared about really dies? There are just some things that shouldn’t happen in wrestling, and the CEO of a company who happens to be a WWE superstar/character “dieing”, is one of them. We’ll see if a fall out will ever happen from this, and soon. I’d like it wrapped up quickly but obviously based on the air time it had to have on RAW, instead of it being swept up the carpet, it continues with Stephanie McMahon returning to TV.

Always remember, for things to change, you have to make movement. Thanks for reading and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at