JR Talks Draft & McMahon, Plus More Links!

In his latest blog entry, Jim Ross finally talks about the Mr. McMahon angle:

If controversy indeed does create cash, then Monday Night’s Raw should produce a gold mine. There is no shortage of opinion and discussion regarding how Raw went off the air from Wilkes Barre on Monday, and I would suspect that folks will be talking about this cliff hanger for some time to come. Much like the final episode of The Sopranos which aired 24 hours prior to Raw, some fans enjoyed Raw and some didn’t. As with The Sopranos, those that did not like the Monday night broadcast yelled the loudest which is not unusual. In my 4 decades of broadcasting wrestling I have to admit that Monday night was perhaps the most unique night I can recall experiencing. I would suggest that interesting days lie ahead and I have not a clue as to the roads that will be traveled.

The full entry, in which he explains why Michael Cole and not he called SNME, questions the role of Jackasses at Summerslam, discusses a Psycho Sid comeback, the brand extension and why it made sense to bolster RAW during the draft, can be read here.

Some more links!

– WWE.com has posted a (shockingly) one-sided analysis of the draft.

– TNAWrestling.com has the latest Q&A with Bill Banks.

– TNA has announced some matches for Thursday’s show (taping tonight), including Harris vs. Raven and Rhino & Young vs. Roode & Storm.

– The Charlotte Observer talks WWE.

– The UK Sun has a WWE Diva slideshow up here.

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