Walt Becker Is One Busy Director

Director of Wild Hogs, Walt Becker has now signed a first-look deal with Disney so that he can develop projects to direct and produce.

His first project, that he is also set to direct, is a comedy written by Matt Lopez named My Samurai. Lopez has recently written Adam Sandler’s next film Bedtime Stories and is working on a remake of Disney classic, Escape From Witch Mountain.

My Samurai tells the story of an American who is on a business trip in Japan. While there he happens to save the life of a homeless man that claims to be the last in a long line of samurai warriors. Things take a turn to the strange side for the American when the man shows up on his doorstep pledging eternal service and loyalty.

Becker is also currently working on a comedy with John Travolta and Robin Williams called Old Dogs and a sequel to his comedy Wild Hogs.