SKTV: Hell's Kitchen

So over on PrimeTime Pulse, I was blogging about John From Cincinnati, which is challenging and thoughtful TV.

On the flipside of the intellectual bar, Hell’s Kitchen showcases the dumbest retards from Retard Reject Finishing School, trying to learn to run a restaurant. These are people who:

1) Can’t figure out how to fry eggs

2) Don’t realize that bad-smelling seafood should NOT be served in a restaurant

3) Think that pulling pasta out of the GARBAGE and then serving it is perfectly normal.

What the HELL, man? Does Fox not screen the contestants with some sort of minimal IQ test before accepting them, something along the lines of demonstrating basic cooking competency and common sense? I mean, it wouldn’t be the same with the charming stupidity of the idiots competing, but my jaw hangs open in shock at the levels of incompetence these guys sink to in every episode. But I guess that’s the brilliance of the show — it’s not a show about who the best chef is, because they’re all retarded, it’s a show about how far they can push Gordon until he explodes, and the reactions that result from it. Viewed on that level, it’s a masterpiece, as I’ve said before. I don’t care who wins, they all suck, I’m just glad that Gordon is making it entertaining on the way.