BLATT vs. ECW live coverage for June 19th, 2007

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It’s Tuesday once more and we’ve already got a new music video with heavy emphasis on CM Punk.

The World title is shown as Joey explains we’ve got two matches to determine who will wrestle for said title. It’s Punk vs. Cor Von and Benoit vs. Burke. They’ve got new graphics for the matchups and Joey and Tazz have to bring the mood down as the crowd starts to get hot for ECW. Instead of using some momentum. This leads to a video recapping McMahoon and they return and the crowd is DEAD. Way to go guys.

Chris Benoit over Elijah Burke by Sharpshooter
He’s back in ECW, baby! He’s serious as usual. Burke doesn’t look too happy to be fighting Benoit. He shouldn’t be either, he’s fighting CHRIS FUCKING BENOIT. Burke pauses at ringside to admire the gold.

Collar and elbow to start and Benoit goes behind and gets a waistlock takedown. Burke fights out into a front chancery, but Benoit takes the arm and puts Burke down with a hammer lock. Burke gets up in the lock and throws some elbows back to break the hold.

Burke grabs a headlock, but Benoit sends him into the corner. Burke puts up the knees to block Benoit and goes for a clothesline that’s reversed into a crossface attempt. Burke turns through , pulls out the legs and rolls through for a one count. This leads to a staredown.

Benoit hits some nasty chops before Burke ducks through and rolls him up for a small two. Benoit grabs the crossface but Burke is in the ropes. Benoit goes for the test of strength but gets booted in the guy instead. Benoit goes to the corner and gets a chop and Burke gets a a few punches in. Burke sends Benoit to the other corner and Benoit goes chest first. Burke goes for a pin but only gets a two count. TWO!

Burke reports to some kicks and eventually punches on his knees to Benoit but still can’t more than a two. TWO!

Burke hits a kick to the ribs when Benoit’s getting up for some crowd head. Burke goes for an abdominal stretch on the ground, but Benoit powers out and Benoit turns a front chancery into a northern lights suplex for a two. TWO!

Burke’s up quick and boots Benoit in the back of the head. Burke lifts Benoit up for a suplex but drops him across the ropes and knocks him to the floor. Burke throws Benoit into the ring and goes for an awkward pin but only gets a one count. Burke goes for the Elijah Experience against the ropes, but Benoit mvoes out of the way. Benoit hits some forearms, followed by a high elbow and a textbook snap suplex with a float over for two. TWO! Next is a northern lights suplex for two. TWO! Next on the suplex world tour is the trio of germans and Benoit signals for the headbutt. He’s up top but Burke gets his knees up and knees Benoit! Referee Armstrong starts the double count down and both men are up at seven. Burke gets a judo takedown and goes for a pin but gets a two. TWO!

Burke gets frustrated and throws some punches, followed by a suplex attempt of his own, but Benoit throws some knees to Burke in mid air. Benoit goes for more Germans, but Burke blocks them. Benoit gets a leg takedown and goes for the Sharpshooter, but Burke kicks out of it. Benoit goes to the corner as Burke gets up and akes down his kneepads. The elijah Express is avoided by Benoit and Burke is down. Benoit grabs the legs and goes for the Sharpshooter, this time getting is and BENOIT WINS! We’re gonna see Benoit fight for the title at Vengeance. Sweet.

Did you see RAW? Maybe you shouldn’t bother anymore if you’re going to watch ECW. They show Stephanie’s full of shit speech on RAW. Kudos to the crowd to pull out the “WHAT” chant at this shit. Next week’s RAW is going to be a three hour celebration of Vince McMahon. Fuck me, that’s gonna be painful. Steph’s still lamenting the man who suggested that he go on TV with an incest angle with her.

This crap is broken up with the Boogeyman’s music. Great.

Boogeyman over Sean Alexander by sportz entertainemnt
I barely got his name typed when Boogeyman wont he match with one move. One move that he screwed up the first attempt at. He does the two handed choke slam into a spine buster move. blah blah blah. I’ve already said too much about this match.

We’re shown a clip from Daniel Beck the “federal investigator” from the McMahon investigation.

Kevin Thorn over Tommy Dreamer by reversal in the corner and Dreamer’s possibly injured
I know that were using a smaller roster on this show, but couldn’t we get a different match up besides these two going one on one?

Anyone else notice these guys have the same body? Well, I’m sure that Thorn’s back is fully functional. They go back and forth with some wrestling trading holds until Thorn finally hits what looks like a Rock Bottom into a spine buster. Thorn goes for some boots then wrenches in a headlock on Dreamer ion the ground, then goes for some spine stomping. Back to the head wrenching and the crowd is chanting for… tables?

Thorn keeps control until he goes for something in the corner and Dreamer plants Thorn’s head into the turnbuckle. Dreamer hits a bulldog but misses the DDT, instead he hits a spinebuster and goes for the pin. TWO!

Ah the spinebuster pin, the pin with the least amount of leverage EVER. Tommy goes for the ten punches in the corner but only gets as far as three before Thorn ducks under and knocks his feet out. Dreamer snags his left ankle on the ropes and grasps it as Thorn runs over and gets a three count.

And because we can’t go a segment without showing more of this McMahon crap, we get AN OTHER replay of Vince’s limo blowing up. Man, the destroy one car and they need to milk it for all it’s worth. In the olden days they’d destroy cars and barely have one replay before moving on to something else. How come in this whole investigation no one’s questioned why there was two cameramen setup outside the arena while the show was still going on? Hmm?

Next up is Johnny Nitro, who I am mad at because he stole my abs.

Johnny Nitro over Nunzio by a new finishing maneuver
Matthew Michaels: DREAM MATCH!!!!

You know that his time in ECW is over when he’s back to Nunzio and has shed Little Guido once more. Each minute this match goes, it’s one less minute that we’re going to get Cor Von vs. CM Punk.

If you really wanna know about the match, Nunzio’s gotta be the one pacing this one as it’s full of hope spots cut short by power moves. Nitro finishes it up with a new spinning finisher.

Backstage MCV is talking to Burke, but tells him that he’s gonna beat CM Punk and go on to Vengeance to win the title. Hey…. it’s possible. They’re teasing tension between Burke and Cor Von going into this match. An interesting way to go into the match.

We’re given about 20 seconds of the Miz. Long enough for me to HATE HIM. That’s followed by Extreme Expose talking. TALKING? BROOKE IS TALKING? BOOOOO. Brook wants to be hooked up with him. Layla says that Kelly was with the Miz last weekend. Didn’t the Miz hate Layla? Didn’t Layla make the Miz lap dance the fat oily guy? OMG! DRAMA IN THE EXPOSE!

CM Punk over Marcus Cor Von by GTS
The one thing that annoys me that they’re doing lately is when they put a commercial in the middle of a match or in between the entrances. We’re back and CM Punk hits the ring. Punk admires the belt before the match and we’re on.

Punk throws forearms to MCv. MCV comes back with a clothes line and pounds Punk while he’s down a bit. ship into the corner that’s reversed into a cross body for a one count. MCV gets arm dragged around and Punk segues into a pin for a one and he’s got the arm in a hammer lock. MCV powers out with some punches to the side. MCV misses a clothes line, MCV goes behind, but Punk gets him in a firemans carry and dumps him while he’s still on his knees. That gets a one and Punk puts the boots to MCV.Punk goes for a backslide but can’t get it. MCV hist the Stroke on Punk and continues the work on the shoulder of Punk. MCV puts the arm behind and throws Punk to the corner post. MCV goes outside the ring to throw Punk’s arm to the post a bit more. MCV comes back in and Punk is waiting with some kicks and forearms. MCV gets a hammer lock and Punk goes to the floor with it. MCV pins Punk with a half nelson, but only a two. TWO!

MCV stays on the arm, Punk goes behind but can only get a two on a roll up. TWO! And Punk drops him with a clothesline. MCV keeps on the arm in a hammer lock as Punk’s got MCV’s head. Punk jumps back and flips over MCV and runs off the ropes and attempts a cross body. He’s caught and MCV gets a fall away slam (Tazz says it’s also called a table top suplex) and Cor Von goes back to working the arm.

MCV goes for smoething in the corner but is met with a knee. Punk fights back one armed and hits a kick to the head and then the rising knee lift followed by the bulldog. Punk goes to the top and goes for a cross body, but instead MCV turns him for a SNAP powerslam. Damn that was nasty. Punk’s limp and MCV hits a double underhook suplex and Punk’s out on his feet. MCV goes for a shouldblock in the corner and meets the turnbuckle, followed by the Go to Sleep! CM PUNK VS BENOIT! NICE!!!

Benoit’s music hits and we’re gonna have our first staredown between these two. Five days out form the PPV we need at least one of these. Punks got the height, but by no more than than two inches. Benoit offers a hand and Punk shakes it. We’re looknig at the match of the night on Sunday bewteen these two.