Marvel News and Views: Special Report from Wizard World Philadelphia

Day 1


We start the panel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, along with marketing whiz Jim McCann and editors Tom Brevoort, C.B. Cebulski and Bill Rosemann.

First image was of a new series:

Angel: Revelations, by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Adam Pollina, a 5-issue mini about Warren Worthington coming in December. This looked interesting but a little different then most mainstream stuff.

Artwork from Captain America: The Chosen, a forthcoming miniseries novelist
Dave Morrell and artist Mitch Breitweiser. This series will be out in September 2007 as well and the art looks spectacular.

Marvel Comics Presents is back in September 2007 cover artwork from J. Scott
Campbell was the highlight on this one. The image of Hulk, Cap Spidey and Hellcat looked quite interesting. Creators include Chris Gage, Ed McGuiness,
Marc Guggenheim, Clayton Henry, Dave Wilkins, Stuart Immonen, and Kathryn Immonen.

Annihilation: Conquest was next with Editor Bill Roseman taking over.

Sequel event to Annihilation begins with a 48-page and add free at that.

We saw various artwork from the series itself with Wraith by writer Javier Grill-Marxuach and Kyle Hotz, Star-Lord by writer Keith Giffen and artist Timothy Green, and Quasar by writer Chris Gage and artist Mike Lilly.

Annihilation Conquest as well will be covered in Issue # 4-7. The image we saw was of Gamora holding Nova’s head. Just that image has me wanting to read it now.

Next up was various art from series:

Ultimate Spider-Man, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Stuart Immonen with an arc titled Death of a Goblin. (JQ noted to go to the Bendis panel on Saturday.).

Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin by writer Joe Casey and Eric Canete. This series will be a limited covering the first battle between Mandarin and Iron Man.

Moon Knight #13 cover was shown with a registration card of Moon Knight which drew questions from those who saw it. writer Charlie Huston’s future at Marvel will be explored at San Diego Comic Con.

We saw more various art for:

Surfer appearing in Ultimate Fantastic Four and Sentinels in Ultimate X-Men.
X-Men: Emperor Vulcan was announced again as well as being a sequel to Brubaker’s latest Uncanny X-Men arc. The art for the cover looked like it will be an interesting series.

Penance Revelations with the Thunderbolts member being the focus with writer
Paul Jenkins and Paul Gulacy, will be out in September. This could be an interesting series as well.

New Avengers #34 cover was shown with a female Daredevil and Captain America
on the cover as well as various other pictures of our favorite Avengers in interesting get ups.

A Thor image was shown as well of cover # 3 with Thor vs. Iron Man or will they be joining forces? You will have to read it to find out.

An image of Iron Fist Annual #1 was shown by the current creative team with Iron Fist holding two guns in his hands.

JMS will be done with Spider-Man but will be doing Thor and various limited series for some time now to get out of the grind of a few ongoings

A new creative crew for Squadron Supreme will be announced at SDCC

We moved to fan questions:

One fan commented on Thanos death and the fact he is Eternal and should not die.
The panel was a bit surprised the reaction of one fan to the death of Quasar
and Phyla replacing him. They said Wendall is dead for now.

Earth impact from Annihilation. The note was made to the revelations in New Avengers #31 may be connected.

JQ debated the verdures on delaying Civil War.

The debate was made of the continuity of Black Panther to Marvel Zombies from a fan.
Jim McCann pointed out that Spidey will be back in the red and blues by One More Day in September.

Ultimates Vol. 3: SDCC announcement

Young Avengers: likely not at least until early 2008

More Legion of Monsters titles will be coming.

Skottie Young will be on New X-Men a bit longer.

Captain Mar-Vell: SDCC

Loners ongoing? Possible

New Astonishing X-Men creative line up: SDCC



The panel consisted of Joe Quesada, who was delayed due to a signing at the Marvel booth. He was joined by editor Tom Brevoort and marketing maven Jim McCann.
We saw the promo image again of One More Day image.

We saw various images from the series which included Iron Man and Dr Strange.

The first big announcement was Terry Moore is taking over Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane.

A few covers for the issues where shown with a more classic look to them.

Moore will be on the title for some time.

We learned this was JMS last Spidey story again.

When asked about Jackpot from the Free Comic Day issue the panel played dumb.

They said that Spider-Man may stay unmasked for quite some time but they do have a resolution.

Very few villains will be in One More Day.

Are Peter David and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa done with Spider-Man but that is for now.

Back in Black will end before One More Day.

JQ commented on Spideys marriage yet again and all the trouble it’s caused Marvel.

JQ said he wanted to do this Spider-Man story himself and was enjoying it.

Aunt May likely will die in One More Day.

No tie ins but Spider-Man titles for One More Day.

Amazing Spider-Man will be the only Spider-Man title after One More Day is over. The title will be put out 3 times a month at that point. No creative team will be announced till SDCC but this will be an interesting turn of events for all Spider-Man fans.

Day 2


This panel was the first of Saturday. The guest of course included Brian Bendis himself with artist Alex Maleev, Jim McCann, and Editor Tom Brevoort.

The panel itself started with a showing of slides for the new Halo series.

Maleev’s art looks quite excellent and much like the game itself here. This series will be going between Halo 2 and Halo 3. It will focus of Master Chief himself and Earth as well.

We moved onto the bigger story. If you have not read New Avengers #31 please
skip part of this article here.


We saw the famous picture of the revealed Skrull Elektra. Something big is happening Bendis confirmed and everyone is suspect. The story will impact both main Avengers titles: Mighty Avengers and New Avengers in the future and of course lead to a bigger event in 2008.

This does have ties to the Annihilation Event. So if you have not read it please come to Bagged and Boarded and ask one of the staff if we can help you out. You do not need to read Annihilation to understand it but it might be wise.


We also had some stage fun. Bendis himself had a man in the audience accuse him of being a Skrull and he ran out of the room for a moment before coming back. Of course Marvel also showed a slide of Bendis as a Skrull at this point.

The Skrulls have been impacting things since Illuminati #1 and of course his
full run on Avengers. Who is a Skrull? Anyone and everyone is a possible Skrull especially those who have recently come back with a questionable come back. (Yes that means Hawkeye could be a Skrull)

Mighty Avengers: Mark Bagley will be joining the next arc for a story called the Symbiote virus.

A big announcement was of a series called: Ultimate Origin by Bendis, artist Butch Guice and cover artist Simone Bianchi with the origins of the Ultimate Universe.

The next big Ultimate Spider-Man arc will be called Death of a Goblin and they will have a little story involving an ultimate version of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (Iceman and Firestar.) Who is Firestar? All that was said is it is an existing character already.

Bendis talked a bit about his icon series: Powers with the next arc. 25 Coolest Dead Super-Heroes of All Time.

We move on now to the next panel


This panel included: Greg Pak, Jim McCann, editors Tom Brevoort and C.B.
Cebulski, writer Frank Tieri and Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada.

Pak started this panel saying this would be an all out Smash fest.

World War Hulk: Front Line: Jenkins. This will have journalists Ben Urich and Sally Floyd as well as Korg and a murder mystery as well.

Incredible Hulk: This will deal with Hulk’s allies on Earth as well as confrontation between Miek and Rick Jones. This will deal with the story of is Hulk a monster or a hero.

World War Hulk: Gamma Corps: Tieri said that General Ryker was back. As well as all these Gamma characters. He is using the big Gamma characters as templates. This includes: Leader, Abomination, Harpy, Hulk

World War Hulk: X-Men: Expect the big fight everyone wants. Hulk vs. Juggernaut. This will be must read.

Avengers: The Initiative: Hulk will test our new heroes.

Heroes for Hire: Will deal with the Heroes for Hire vs. the Brood.

Iron Man: Will show the battle in World War Hulk #1 from Tony’s point as well.
Ghost Rider: Hulk vs. Ghost Rider.

The Irredeemable Ant-Man: Ant-Man was in World War Hulk #1 and you’ll see where and how he’s Involved in this big event.


Sentry will be VERY IMPORTANT in World War Hulk

Bruce Banner will show up in World War Hulk

Late to the panel was Bill Rosemann said that World War Hulk was much like Hurricane Katrina in it’s own way. You evacuate a large city which is about to be destroyed.

No Thunderbolts in World War Hulk.

She-Hulk will be a key character in World War Hulk.

We move to our next panel:

CUP ‘O JOE PANEL (or ½ Cup of Joe.)

This panel included: Joe Quesada, C.B. Cebulski, Tom Brevoort, Bill Rosemann and Jim McCann.

One More Day: was talked about yet again (I believe Aunt May is dead).

We repeated the news of Amazing Spider-Man now being 3 times a month.

House of M: Avengers: This will cover Luke Cage’s group from House of M with writer Christos Gage.

Messiah Complex will be the next BIG X-EVENT. Ed Brubaker and Marc Silvestri
will start the event. New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, X-Factor will all be involved in the event.

She-Hulk: This series will have a new writer very soon. Peter David. (if you
are a big fan of 80-90’s Hulk this is the series to read. Recall what Peter did with Hulk.)


Astonishing X-Men will continue.

Ultimate Iron Man is coming soon as they get all the scripts in.

Jean Grey is staying dead.

Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Vol. 2 is coming.

Wolverine mini-series by Brian K. Vaughn and Eduardo Russo is coming.

More Max titles are on the way.

Daredevil Omnibus 2 is also in the works.

Terry Moore writing Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane series was announced again.

Day 3


Our panel: Bendis, C.B. Cebulski, editor Bill Rosemann and assistant editor Molly Lazer, and our host Jim McCann.

The new Avengers line was the announcement here.

Most of this panel is rehashing the stuff from the last few days so forgive me for repeating:

House of M: Avengers was talked of again.

New Avengers/Transformers was talked of a bit. This series will be placed before Civil War.

New Avengers #31: Elektra is a Skrull and we don’t know how long. Mystery figures and shadow figures may be Skrulls.

Avengers: The Initiative: We will see all of the state teams.

Captain America: Winter Soldier wants Tony Stark dead and it’s Falcon and Sharon’s job to stop him.

Ms. Marvel: CAT FIGHT! Tigra vs. Carol is coming soon. Carol will also form her own little team in the title with Machine Man and Sleepwalker in it.

Thor: Thor #3 Iron Man vs. Thor. That’s right Tony vs. Thor.

The Order: Matt Fraction will tell the tale of the team created in Civil War #7.


Loki coming back? Maybe.

Rosemann was very excited about Starlord’s rag tag team that includes Rocket

New Cap? Read Fallen Son #5.

Taskmaster? Marvel Comics Presents #1.

Reporting from Wizard World Philadelphia. I’m Jim Trabold and Make Mine Marvel.

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